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5 Tips for Staying Safe When Dating Online

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For anyone new to online dating, the prospect of browsing through the profiles of a diverse range of talent, checking out potential partners, and all from the comfort of your own home, must be potent. This is certainly the most convenient way of arranging your love life these days, with websites such as giving members the opportunity to introduce themselves and then get to know other singles by exchanging messages.

5 Tips for Staying Safe When Dating Online 1

If you’ve ever considered joining a dating site, perhaps you’ve had second thoughts. How do you know if the person you end up having intimate chat with is genuine? What if they’re seeing several people at once? How do you know when the time is right to arrange an actual date? Relax. Once you become familiar with the dos and don’t’s, you’ll have a terrific time. But here are five basic tips for staying safe.

Do some detective work

In the modern age, it is relatively easy to find out background information about anyone who has an online presence. When you become introduced to someone on a dating site, once you have gleaned sufficient details about them, such as their real name and where they live and work, you can proceed to do some checking. If they use social media, you can give their posts a once-over. Now you can determine how accurately they have been presenting themselves.

Google ‘search by images’

Google has a facility which allows you to search through images in order to determine the accuracy of anyone’s profile. It might be the case the photos they have uploaded are generic, perhaps from a modeling site. If it seems as if their profile picture is just too good to be true, this may well be because it isn’t true at all.

Privacy settings

You can alter the privacy settings of an Internet profile in several ways. It is imperative you guard aspects of your private life so you don’t fall foul of unscrupulous individuals who can use dating sites as a method of gaining someone’s confidence, in order to find out personal details. This is how people can persuade potential partners to divulge bank account details as a pre-empt to fleecing them. So guard your privacy.

Meeting up at an early opportunity

One of the best ways of staying safe in an online forum is to arrange an offline meeting as soon as can be arranged. The purpose of this is to prise the person away from the relative anonymity of their online persona, in order to gauge the real person. When you meet someone face-to-face you will be presented with the real character, as opposed to the version they often manufacture in order to try and impress other site users.

Be mindful of bragging

Another way to keep safe on the Internet is to develop a radar. Over time and with experience, you will instinctively get to recognize people who are being less than truthful. If someone is continually bragging about their attributes, this could point towards an individual who is treating this whole dating business far too flippantly. If they are posting about all the wonderful thing they get up to, perhaps they are also telling these stories to many others.

Tell your friends

One of the most important pieces of advice is to tell your friends all about the person you are getting to know in your online exchanges. They will be able to appraise your situation through objective eyes and will most likely let you know exactly what they feel about how honorable your prospective partner appears to be.

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