Finding My Path

Finding My Path 1
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indexI’d written this poem a few weeks after coming to Delhi. Leaving my hometown (Kashmir) and going through adjustments, seeing a new place, and meeting new people are the experiences that build us as individuals. We have fears, we are anxious and suspicious of everything, but the process of learning never ends!

I walk a busy road
The one that I have never known
Should I go straight?
Or take a left turn
Should I be proud of being independent?
Or should I feel scared…?
Am I being followed?
This feeling is really weird.
Someone just asked me if there was a market nearby
I’m sorry, I have no idea…came my late reply
What can I say? There are more people like me here
But are they also living in the apprehension of fears?
Digging deep here, I’ll fix my roots.
But the process shouldn’t mess up my boots
I’ll do the best on everything I can
Because I don’t know where next year I’ll land.

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