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First-Date Conversation: Do’s and Don’ts

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You learn a lot of things about a girl on a first date. Even if you met online and already chatted a bit, one face-to-face conversation will be far more informative. It’s all about talking and getting to know one another. The effectiveness of your communication will define the outcome of your date.

First-Date Conversation: Do’s and Don’ts 1

At the end of the day, you’ll know how compatible you are and whether you want to continue your affair. What to talk about with her, what questions to ask, what questions to avoid? has the answers. Here are the safest and most chat-provoking topics for your first date.

A person’s family tell much about their background as well as personality. However, you shouldn’t forget about delicacy, as there can be different families. For some, it can be a sensitive question. The best tactic is to ask some indirect questions to test the waters. If your date wants, she’ll tell more about her kin. Usually, people like talking about their younger siblings and nephews/nieces. Listen carefully and share some facts about your family. This will connect you.

Studies and career.

This is one of the topics that pop up on every date. It’s interesting to know the occupation of your date. Again, don’t ask direct questions. Ask in which sphere she works and whether she likes her job or not. Another good question is what she really would like to do.

It’s important to know what your date is passionate about. If it turns out you’re into different kinds of music, watch different movies, and have different hobbies, don’t worry. Opposites do attract. If you share some common interests, you’ll have something to talk about and maintain a conversation.

Things around you.

When you feel that a pause is about to set in, start talking about the things around you. If you’re in a restaurant, you can talk about favorite food. If there is some music playing, ask if she likes it and what music she likes in general. You can also comment on something funny that’s going on.

Likes and dislikes.

When you finish your meal, to avoid an awkward silence, start a game “Like or hate”. Say what you like and say what really gets on your nerves. You can touch upon different aspects: from character traits and celebrities to food and gadgets.

People like to make plans and think about the future. It’s also about aims and aspirations. It’s important to know what your date prioritizes in life. Don’t touch upon the topic of family and parenting yet – it’s way too soon and inappropriate for a first date.

Knowing her attitude about traveling, you can get a general idea of her world outlook. This topic often results in a long conversation because sharing your travel experiences is really absorbing.

Topics to avoid:

Problems. You came to get to know each other, not to complain about your life. Your first date is supposed to be romantic and light. Talking about issues, you’ll only ruin a good atmosphere of a date.

Ex-partners. Take your curiosity under control and don’t ask too personal questions. This is not a first-date topic, and it can spoil the atmosphere too.

Things you saw in their social media profiles. Asking about the photo you saw in her Facebook profile is appropriate on Facebook. Don’t ask this question on your real date. It may come across as you were spying on her.

Religion and politics. These are very sensitive topics that may cause a wave of disagreement and a whirlpool of emotions. Do you need it on your first date? No.

Money. Every intelligent person will avoid asking money-related questions. It’s not appropriate, ok? From what your date tells you, you’ll understand her income and lifestyle.

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