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For Every Girl Who Thinks She’s Not Pretty Enough

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I’m sorry if the world ever made you feel so, but honestly, I don’t think it’s them, I think it’s you.

If you’re a girl reading this, the reason why you’re here is maybe because you relate. Now, think of all the other girls who are reading this because they may have gone through this too, at some point of their lives. Maybe you were called fatso because you were a little plumper than the rest, maybe you were subjected to racist comments because of your skin color, maybe he chose her over you…

Whatever it is, there can be endless reasons to have made you feel not so good about yourself, but trust me, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Let me clarify this little misconception first, pretty is a face, beautiful is the soul.

For Every Girl Who Thinks She’s Not Pretty Enough 1
Not everyone who’s pretty is beautiful too

So, the next time you see those fairness cream ads and start thinking that maybe you need that to win the love of your life or grab that dream job, think again. It’s always more about how you make the people feel when you’re around them; about what you carry inside than on the outside.

Now, it takes time and effort to get past the skin and explore a person’s soul. Not everyone you meet on your way is going to take that time or put as much effort to look past the superficial, but don’t cry, those people are never worth your spent emotions. They’re just waves of the noise you need to surf past before you reach the calm of the ocean. Ignorance can be bliss at times like these, remember.

 I hope you’re not the eye-candy the world loves to savor upon and I hope you don’t catch the attention of every eye in the room. But I also hope you never get afraid of portraying your own kind of beautiful.

Someone once told me that I should be happy to not fit the common definition of beauty in our society for it’ll save me from false emotions and misunderstood feelings of people; that the person who dares to have given me their heart would be someone real and I won’t have to feel unsure about the depth of the feelings involved.

For Every Girl Who Thinks She’s Not Pretty Enough 2
Beauty is not about how you look, it more about how the people in your life feel

Beauty is not about how you look, it’s more about how the people in your life feel about your heart and your soul. I hope you understand this and I hope you work on being “beautiful” rather than being just another example of the singular definition of “pretty” in our minds.

Build your own queen-dom, grow stronger, travel more, socialize more, and distance yourself from anything and everything that makes you feel that you’re not beautiful enough. You’re just unexplored, just a book unread and most importantly, you’re not alone. Every girl goes through a time where she struggles accepting the way she looks.

Accept yourself.

Embrace yourself.

Love yourself.

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