Free Yourself From The Social Media Addiction

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So, you have moved past your phase of denial and agree that you are addicted to social media? well done, this is actually the first and most important step in overcoming the addiction. You can’t overcome something you don’t agree to, right?

Social media is a very fancy tool, allowing us to connect to our close ones, meet new people and know instantly what is happening around the world. No doubt majority of the population is addicted to it. This addiction forces us to neglect the real life we live in, not pay attention to the responsibilities we are answerable for and forces us to make our lives miserable in the process of attaining the perfect fairytale life the social media would approve of.


But don’t worry, most problems in life are curable, including the social media addiction. So read on, and help yourself.

Make Some Ground Rules (And Implement them!)

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Promise yourself that you will not use any of the social media platforms while eating, having a good time with your close ones, and while on the bed right before sleeping or just after waking up.

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Facebook notifications say it’s your friend’s birthday? Call him up and wish him over the phone. Your another friend posted she is feeling down? Spare some time and go visit her.

Set A Bar For Logging in

Before logging into any social media platform, know the purpose you are logging in for. Addiction of social media is a result of aimless surfing of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, and that is the last thing you want when you are trying t get rid of the addiction. So if you Don’t have a valid reason for logging in, DON’T.

Stay Away From Your Virtual Life For The Weekend (And Try To Have A Real Fun One)

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This is not going to be easy. You will be constantly anxious and would want to get your hands on Facebook and Instagram. But a little time away from the screen of the virtual life will make you realize life isn’t bad even without numerous check-ins and constant status update.

The thing which we need to realize is- virtual life is only a part of the real life, not it’s alternative.

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