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15 funny debate topics you can start with your friends

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In this article we have compiled a list of 15 funny debate topics to debate with your friends to save you all from the awkward silences while hanging out with them and avoid the tensed vibes after a serious heated debate with them.

From movies, TV shows and books to travel destinations, weather and food, this article lists a wide range of topics to have a discussion about that are relatable and light mood. Some may take you down a nostalgic trip to childhood and some will help you make future plans.

All of these below mentioned topics are fun and ideal to avoid heated discussions. They are common and therefore don’t need any preparation. Just randomly pick one and dive into the discussion.

15 Funny Debate Topics You Can Start with Your Friends

1. Mountains or Beaches

There can be no discussion as fun as discussions about travelling. Is a trip to mountains better or beaches? what is more appealing and makes for an ideal vacation? So, the first among many funny debate topics is the best one- Mountains vs Beaches.

While you argue for the cool and lush green landscapes of the hills your friend may support the serenity of beeches and excitement of waves.

While you argue that waterfalls and rivers are better, opponent may argue that oceans and palm trees are more beautiful. While you can say that doing activities like river rafting, bungee jumping and para gliding are more fun in the mountains, your friend can argue that they are incomparable to scuba diving and surfing in the ocean.

2. Marvel or DC

Well, I do agree that these funny debate topics can get serious considering how passionate people are about their fandoms but indeed it will be a fun debate! Superman or Thor (or Dr. Strange), Scarlet witch or Wonder Woman (maybe Captain Marvel?) and Ironman or Batman?

Not just super heroes, you can debate over which universe has better line of villains? While Marvel has Galactus and Thanos, DC has the classic unbeatable Joker and Darkseid.

3. Debate on Your Favourite Sherlock Adaptation and Actor Who Portrayed It Best

Basically, movie was better or the show? Robert Downey Jr. is the better sherlock or Benedict Cumberbatch? This one is going to be tough I know because it’s close! Both actors played the role sublimely and both adaptations are mind blowing. Therefore, it’s in the list of funny debate topics.

Also, discuss which Reichenbach fall incident was the most impressive? The one in which RDJ calculates every move and jumps off with Moriarty or the one at the top of the hospital in Sherlock series where we get the iconic dialogue “I maybe on the side of the angels but don’t think for a second that I am one of them” followed by Moriarty shooting himself.

4. Books or Movies?

This is a century old and one of the insightful funny debate topics, with fierce book nerds always standing up for books and scrutinizing book adaptations while movie buffs asking book nerds to take a chill pill and not be so critical of movies.

While book readers support the depth that a book gives to a story, movie lovers argue that movies give a visualization to those words and interestingly tell a story in 2 hours that will take a person 2 days by reading a book.

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5. Movie in a Cinema hall or OTT platforms?

With the current pandemic situation and theatres shut, we have all realized the importance of OTT platforms that are providing fresh content even in the present situation. But, is it comparable to the big screen experience?

Presenting to you relatable funny debate topics regarding OTT platforms and theatre experience.

While OTT is definitely bringing new and fresh content but the real fun of experiencing grand movies like Star Wars and Wonder Woman on big screen is unbeatable. OTT is cool for binge watching series or old gold content you’ve missed at a reasonable price but the experience of going to a movie theatre with friends and watching movie with popcorn and pepsi is unmissable.

6. Debate Topics Related to Food

The best funny debate topics are the ones about food! Which one is the best kind of pizza? Thin crust or cheese burst? What’s the best kind of pasta? Arabiata or alfredo? The best cuisine? Italian, Chinese, continental or Indian?

Discuss about the best restaurants for those cuisines and most importantly the best desserts! Are you more of an ice cream person, a hot Choco lava or both? An evergreen chocolate fan or you like to experiment with different flavours?

7. Tea is Better or Coffee?

What is better- tea or coffee? Some may argue that tea is healthier but coffee takers know nothing freshens you up like a good coffee in the morning. Also, you may consider it a different comparison but cold coffee is more loved than iced tea AND THAT’S A FACT!

The proponents of tea will point out how you can make tea in different ways to make it healthier and it’s different types like ginger, cinnamon, caramel, lemon and even chocolate tea but coffee proponents can point out the different types of coffee flavours like mocha, hazelnut and caramel and how they can also be prepared differently with the example of current trend of dalgona coffee. This topic is one of the evergreen funny debate topics.

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8. Android vs iOS

Basically, Apple devices vs all other android based phones. While Android users boast of being able to have 3rd party apps, iOS users gets better security. Android users have unlimited automatic back up while iOS users have limited free drive space for backup available.

The camera quality that iOS systems provide is better even though it lacks feature like Bluetooth whereas android connects with peripherals easily. While some also complain of poor battery life of iPhones, iPhones have a better and more elegant finish since apple controls every step of the production.

So which feature is more important and hence which kind of phones? Debatable.

9. Best Childhood Show

Don’t we all miss the old golden days of Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly place. Well, you can relive those memories by debating on these funny debate topics on the best childhood shows and character!

Was Miley cool or Alex Russo? Courage the cowardly dog or Johny Bravo? Kids next door or Recess? Dragon tales or Power Puff Girls? Pokemon or Bey Blade? Lizzie McGuire or That’s so Raven?

Relive all the memories of watching and enjoying all those wonderful shows while defending the ones you loved the most. This debate may not be the most fruitful one but is bound to make you nostalgic and who knows maybe even make you want to re-watch some of them again!

10. Why Your Favourite Singer Is the Best

Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish or Taylor swift? Jonas brothers, Coldplay or Zayn malik? Imagine Dragons or Linkin park? There are so many brilliant singers out there but who is your favourite one?

The one you consider the best, better than the rest! Which singer speaks to your soul and you can’t hear a word against? This discussion can be the most interesting one! Compare your favourite singer’s song with your friend’s favourite singer’s song.

Play that music! Convince your friends why your choice is the best!

11. Best Stand-up Special or Stand-up Comedian?

Do you like political satire in stand ups, just observational comedy or both? Did you watch Gabriel Iglesias’ “I am sorry for what I said” or Hasan Minhaj’s “homecoming king”? What do you think about it? Which one is better?

Taylor Tomlinson’s quarter life crisis or Katherine Ryan’s glitter room? Maybe collectively agree that Trevor Noah is the best whether on Daily show, in afraid of the dark or son of Patricia! Debate, quote them with fun dialogues and have a hysteric laugh!

This one has the potential to be the most enjoyable of all the funny debate topics ever!

12. Funny Debate Topics Related to OTT Shows

This year, with coronavirus ruining our social life and theatres closed we have become heavily dependent on content on OTT platforms. We are finally keeping up with the rate at which Netflix is launching new shows. You’ve probably watched shows of all genres like comedy, thriller, action and adventure so, it’s only apt to add this topic in the list.

Discuss whether The Witcher can compete with Game of Thrones? Is Brooklyn99 better or The Good Place( I know this is a tough one)? Are Jack Ryan and Lucifer worth the hype and is The Big Bang Theory underrated while friends is overrated (controversial, I know)?

So many interesting funny debate topics to debate about, right? Well then next time you are out with your friends you know somethings you need to discuss with them!

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13. Fiction Books or Non-Fiction Books?

This one is one of the funny debate topics for readers! What’s better use for a book- to escape to a fictional world of wizards and relive the classic romance of 80’s or read of human evolution and get a different perspective on life using self help books?

While proponent of fiction lovers will say that over intellectualizing yourself by reading non-fiction is pointless and fiction helps you experience distant worlds and stories, non-fiction readers can point out that inspiration from someone’s biography and different perspective on life and mental health issues genuinely help people.

So, pick your side and let the debate begin!

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14. Summers or Winters?

I know! I know! This one is an old one, but always a funny one. Just like beeches or mountains, people have their favourite seasons as well so it can make up for another funny debate topics.

Summers bring ice creams, visit to beeches, swimming, shorts, skirts and crop tops but it also brings 40c temperature, sweating, skin burn and mosquitoes! Winters bring cozy sweaters, snowfall and Christmas but also bone-chilling winds and pain of cleaning snow from sheds and cars!

But which season’s troubles are worth it and which has more pros. Debate over it and decide, is happiness of playing with snow in winters more than in beaches in summers?

15. Outings to a Cute Café or Lively Clubs?

funny debate topics

During corona times, it may hurt both parties to discuss about outings but after this debate you’ll know the cafes and clubs you definitely need to visit as soon as things get better.

What’s more fun- to drink and dance with deafening music playing and party till late night with spirits high or visit calm cafés for dates, good food, chic vibes and conversations (in which case this list will come handy if you run out of topics).

Some like to dance till their knees hurt and some like to relax and meet over coffee in a café. What sound more perfect to you? Debate it.





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