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20 Fun Things To Do On Facetime With Friends

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There are a ton of fun things to do on facetime, even more than you can imagine. But first, let us know more about the facetime application itself; facetime is an application available only on ios devices. You can chat with your friends, family, or workmates through the means of video. But of course, you can video call your friends through other applications also available on android devices such as Google Hangouts, Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams, and many more such applications.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
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If you are tired of talking to your peers through a normal audio phone call, then facetime is a must-try for you; there are many fun things to do on facetime compared to a normal audio call. It is an easy means to communicate but in a fun and interesting way, where you can see the person in real-time and talk to them simultaneously.

Facetime is an amazing video call application to try out when planning on catching up with your friends, but of course, face-timing your friends has to be exciting and interesting each time, so what can you actually do while face-timing your friends, apart from catching up and sharing stories?

You can add more spice when on facetime with your best friends in several ways. Here’s a list of fun things to do on facetime with your friends!

20 Fun Things To Do On Facetime With Your Best Friends

1. Board Games

Everyone has enjoyed board games in their childhood; whether it’s Snake and Ladder, Ludo, trivial pursuit, or Monopoly, everyone has played these intriguing games in their lifetime at least once. So why not live those childhood days again?

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
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Today there are so many online games where multi-players can play over facetime at the comfort of their own home, and at the same time, talk to each other and see each other on a video call; sounds like an amazing plan isn’t it?.

The board game is one such thing where everyone has so much fun while playing; it is a fun activity that anyone irrespective of their age can indulge in and therefore a good option even while facetiming a family member.

2. Dance Party

Who doesn’t love a dance party? Ask your friends to carry fun props with them, and one person will be in charge of the music; now blast off the music and have an amazing party with your BFFs!

You can either take turns to dance to your favorite songs or go freestyle and dance together at the same time; this will 100 percent be a lot of fun. So call your friends and invite them to an online dance celebration. The fun thing about this activity is that you can enjoy it even with just one friend, so send an invite to your best friend and enjoy.

So if you are searching for fun things to do on facetime that are also stress busters, then a dance party should be your pick. 

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Cleyton Ewerton/Unsplash.Copyright2021

3. Two Truths And A Lie

Playing games is everyone’s favorite thing to do, so another interesting verbal game to play over facetime calls is two truths; the way to play this game is that each person lists three facts about themselves, out of which one is a lie, the other players have to guess and find out which one of the three stated facts is the lie, reading the facial expressions of the player who is telling the two truths and a lie is important to win this game.

This is one of the most fun games out there, which you can play with your friends and have a good laugh.

4. Jamming Session

Music connects everyone; you have probably heard this saying quite a few times in your life. Prepare for an amazing evening dedicated to jamming on a video chat with your close friends. Jam to your all-time favorite songs and have fun together, and if any of your friends know how to play any instrument like a guitar or a keyboard, then even better.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Jefferson Santos/Unsplash.Copyright2021

You can also write new songs together, which is another fun activity to do at this jamming session.

5. Charades

A classic game of charades never gets too old or boring and is a perfect game to play on a video chat. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know how to play this game, then let us help; it is one of the most fun things to do on facetime.

So the first step to play this game is by forming teams, after which one team chooses to give a movie to the other team to enact. The other team that has to enact the movie sends one player from their team, who will describe the movie, to their team members, the parameters used to guess the movie is the actor’s/actress’ names, how many words the movie is made up of, how old the movie is and of course the description of the movie itself.

The other players have to guess the movie within a particular time frame, and the acting player cannot speak a word. This game is again suitable to play over facetime with friends, family members, and even kids who love this game.

6. Drinking Game

If you want to have fun by playing games with a twist, then an interesting drinking game is a perfect choice; drinking games are among the other fun things to do on facetime.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Andra C Taylor Jr/Unsplash.Copyright2021

There are various ways to play this game, you can play truth and dare, and as for the wow factor, if a player chooses not to perform the dare or speak the truth, they will have to take a shot of their drinks, another popular game among all the other drinking games is never have I ever, where every player mentions one of the things they haven’t yet done in their life and if any other player has done that, then they will have to drink for it.

There are many more options; these are just two suggestions for fun drinking games to play on video chat.

7. Alphabet Game

There are many alphabet games for you and your friends to choose from to play on video calls; some of them are scribble, crossword puzzles, alphabet bingo, and a lot more. This category of games is an easy-to-play game that even kids love, and you can even play alphabet games with kids to teach them the alphabet too on video chat.

8. Card Games

A good game of cards is interesting, mind-boggling, and at the same time, fun. Forming remote teams if there are too many players is also possible in this category of games. Card games are popular at offline parties and even at online parties through video calls.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Aditya Chinchure/Unsplash.Copyright2021

The wide variety of options is something that can consume time, so it is better to pre-plan the game you are going to play; some of the options for card games are: bluff, poker, blackjack, rummy, UNO, and the list goes on and on, you and your friends will for sure find something that you like.

9. Trivia Quiz

There are various trivia quizzes online, which players can play remotely and still have fun; these trivia quizzes could be regarding TV shows, movies, food, and a lot more.

Apart from this, you can obviously make your own trivia quizzes, with a designated host in charge of all the questions and the responsibility of asking the same questions; these questions could be regarding your friendship, who knows whom better, or any way you would like to customize it, so invite friends and turn your videocall night into an intense trivia night.

10. Play Dress-up

If you are looking for fun things to do on facetime and want to do something unusual but at the same time exciting, then having a fancy dress party is the one for you. We’ve all dressed up as our favorite characters when we were little for fancy dress competitions; why not do it after growing up? Grab your favorite outfit that resonates with you the most, or something fun like dressing up as a cartoon character could be the perfect plan for an amazing virtual dress-up party.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Michelle Cassar/Unsplash.Copyright2021

A different take on the dress-up game is for you and your best friends to dress up as different characters. The first person to guess the right answer will be rewarded. Kids can also enjoy this fun little game.

11. Heads Up

This game will make everyone laugh and shout at the top of their voices, all because of the chaos caused by the time limit in this game. This is one of the simple, fun things to do on facetime out there, which you and your friends can easily play.

The way this game is played is by downloading the heads up application itself, then choosing a category, one player will be holding the phone, and the other player will be enacting the word out, one player from the team, who will hold the phone on their forehead will have to guess the word within a set time frame. In contrast, the other player acts out the word; the winner will be the team with the most correct guesses. This is also another great game that kids love.

12. Watch Movies

Watching movies with friends is possibly the best thing in the world; playing old movies on loop and reliving the old memories is one of the most fun things to do over facetime.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By freestocks/Unsplash.Copyright2021

Everybody could binge on popcorn or other snacks and dim the lights in their respective rooms for the best experience. Watching each person’s favorite scenes from a movie could be one of the fun things to do on facetime along with your friends.

13. Work Out Together

Are you de-motivated to follow your everyday routine and have been slacking behind on your workout sessions? Then do it with a friend, or even better a group of friends, this will motivate you and give you a fun time with your friends.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Derick McKinney/Unsplash.Copyright2021

You can all either choose a Youtube video which you would want to follow or make up a routine, which is suitable for everyone, choose among yoga, Zumba, or any other such easy to follow routine rather than HIT workouts so that everybody has a good time and doesn’t spend half the time catching their breath. Don’t forget to add a group workout to your list of fun things to do on facetime whenever you feel low or demotivated.

14. Self-care

Apart from the above-suggested fun things to do on facetime, another option for a great facetime session with your close friends would be a self-care routine over a video call, wherein you all can pamper yourselves and use face masks, put under-eye creams, grab comforting food and talk about life, this is one such option that is never bound to fail.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By S O C I A L . C U T /Unsplash.Copyright2021

And for the right vibe, light up some scented candles to make the room smell like a spa and turn on soft music that will create just the right scene for a perfect self-care day; a delicious meal and a refreshing drink in your hand is the only thing stopping you from making you and your friend/friends feel like a million bucks. Among all the fun things to do on facetime, this one is quite different.

15. Listen To Horror Stories

Another interesting activity to do on a video chat could be listening to horror stories, take all of your childhood horror stories out, and spook your friends. Turn the lights off and add creepy background music for the perfect spooky vibe. This is one of the creative fun things to do on facetime, wherein you can listen to online stories or make them up yourself; either way, you will have loads of fun.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Nong Vang/Unsplash.Copyright2021

Another interesting way of telling horror stories could be through the contribution of every player present over the video chat, one person could start the story, and the next player would have to continue the story starting with that last word used by the previous player, this way there will be unexpected twists and turns.

16. The Ending Letter Game

Popularly known as Antakshari in India and Pakistan, this game is a hit among all the singers and even non-singers; the game is played among a group of people, and each individual or team has to sing a song starting with the last letter that the previous player ended their song with. This is one of those fun things to do on facetime which can be played with several people and even with family. If you like to sing and are searching for suitable fun things to do on facetime, then the game of the ending letter should be your pick.

Let us learn how to play this game; say the first player sang a song that ended with the letter H, then the next person will have to sing a song whose first word starts with the letter H. This game is really entertaining when played with a large group of players and is the perfect family-friendly game. So add this game to your list of fun things to do on facetime with friends.

17. Learn A New Skill

Join classes or watch videos from Youtube to learn something that is not already known to you; it can be sewing, knitting, cooking, drawing anything, which gives you joy and adds to your skills. Do this with your friends, for maximum fun.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Imani/Unsplash.Copyright2021

18. Pictionary

Pictionary is quite a popular game, and for the right reasons. The game is played among teams, which in this case will be remote, one person from the team will describe the given the word by the online word generator, and the same word has to be guessed by the other person from the team. The words can be described using drawings drawn on a big card; if the team members guess the word, they get the point.

The person drawing the picture cannot speak and has to describe the word given to them to the other players through drawing only on video chat in this case. This can be really fun if the team players are creative and competitive if they’re really good at it. This is one of the popular fun things to do on facetime that many people like to enjoy with their friends and family.

19. Cook Together

Cooking is therapeutic to many people, and if you and your friends are among those people, then cooking should be one of the fun things to do on facetime. So bring out your aprons and start cooking! Baking a cake or a cupcake could be fun since it involves decorating.

Fun Things To Do On Facetime
By Monika Grabkowska/Unsplash.Copyright2021

This is one of the fun things to do on facetime, which doesn’t require many people, so if you have even one friend joining you, it could be a lot of enjoyment.

20. Truth Or Dare

The crowd favorite at a party or a get-together and one of the most fun things to do on facetime, a classic game of truth or dare! If you are at a party, whether online or in-person, a spicy game of truth or dare is a must on the checklist of party games and is one of the game ideas that comes to every person’s mind.

You can take care of the spinning bottle part by downloading any online application and decide the truths and dares among yourselves. This is one way of heating the party and having a memorable time. You can either make up certain rules or, if comfortable, play without any boundaries and ask personal questions, both of which are equally entertaining to play.

These are some fun things to do on facetime with your friends, all at the comfort of your own house, which assures you a good time. These activities are fun, exciting, entertaining, and a good way to catch up with your friends over facetime.

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