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Getting Over a Crush at Work? 10 Easy Steps To Move On!

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Is getting over a crush at work difficult for you? Let’s get you through it!

Developing a crush at your workplace is like having some kind of energy drinks in your refrigerator, and getting over your favorite beverage is hard for you. Oh! We understand your pain. But it’s necessary now, so allow us to help you in getting over a crush at work.

First, let’s get an exact clarification about your crush, is it just you? Or is your crush interested in you as well? Of course, it is one-sided, and there’s no hope from your crush’s side. Because if your crush would have been interested in you, a date must have happened by now! So, it’s high time that you start getting over a crush at work.

We understand that this hopeless romanticism is still there in you, and it is self-evident as you spend 8 hours or more every day together i.e., 40 hours a week, and that’s quite some time you get.

You stalk your crush on social media and every other dating website you come across every night. And now, your co-workers have started gossiping about you, because your face starts screaming every time you see your crush. It’s okay; it’s normal, stop stressing over your crush, don’t ruin your mental health over a crush. And, don’t worry; we are here to help you in getting over your crush at work.

10 Steps To Help You in Getting Over a Crush at Work!

1. Stop Staring

getting over a crush at work

Of course, you may not be aware of the fact that your glance turns into stare without you noticing it. And yes, it’s awkward and creepy for some. Try to remind yourself that you have some serious work to do; you’re not here to joke around and have fun. Because, if you continue looking at your crush’s beautiful face, more distractions will visit your mind at a frequent pace.

2. Stop Stalking them on social media

social media

Just because you have successfully completed the first step, doesn’t mean you can cheat now. Anyway, social media platforms are full of beautiful pictures of people, and your crush looks five times better on it. I’m not wrong about this! Just stop going through it, because it gives a different flight to your dreams for starters you start imagining them as your life partner.

3. Accept your feelings

It’s alright, accept the fact that you have developed a crush at your workplace. Answer this to yourself – Why you like your crush?

The crux of it can be because they have a pleasing personality. Still, they are not into you or are already into a committed relationship or simply their life partners are much better than you in every aspect, whatever the reason may be. It’s okay, acceptance is the key to be truly free, so accept your feelings.

4. Find a new distraction

try out new hobbiesA new distraction doesn’t mean “go, develop a new crush.” A big NO! By disturbance, we mean, indulge yourself into a new hobby, and an exciting one. Do something that you thought of giving a try to, as a child; it may be going to salsa classes or learning how to make drugs (Just Kidding!). I hope you’ve got my point of creating a happy hour or hours for yourself.

5. Try talking to your best friend

talk to friends

Because the best therapist in the world is your best friend, your best friend from middle school, have known you for a long time because its middle school where you start developing crushes and so your best friend must be aware of your pattern.

Spill your gut out over a few drinks, and you’ll feel more relaxed. It would be really great to have a friend at your workplace so that they can remind and help you in getting over your crush at work.

6. Maintain Professionalism


Don’t forget you are at your workplace, and your daydreaming can affect your productivity. Behave professionally as you do with everyone, including your crush. Don’t sound too chirpy or look also flushed while you are communicating with your crush. If you are not able to control your feelings, just try to minimize contact with them.

7. Avoid going to after-work parties

Getting Over a Crush at Work? 10 Easy Steps To Move On! 1

You don’t have to avoid office parties forever, just till the time you are not getting over your crush at work. Because parties allow you to go wild or not, that depends on you. And when you are drunk, you do stupid things forgetting about maintaining personal boundaries. You all know the drill, so avoid office parties for the time being.

8. Try to keep yourself busy


Keeping yourself distracted will help you in getting over your crush at work, more efficiently than any other factors. Because, staying involved in your work will get you paid, whereas daydreaming about your crush and calculating your possibilities of getting into a committed relationship with your crush might get your heartbroken.

9. Don’t be hard on yourself

Give some extra time to yourself, go for a spa or take a massage or whatever you like, just don’t blame yourself for things that were beyond your control. Relax! You did nothing wrong, letting go of your thoughts about your crush will make you even more robust, and this will help you a lot in getting over a crush at work.

10. Think about the negative consequences

Getting over a crush at work becomes easy. If we start thinking about the negative consequences, it’ll drag with itself. You don’t have to become a negative person for doing so, just remind yourself that your reputation is at stake.

You can gather some more information here.

Let’s take a moment to understand some negative consequences of developing a crush at the workplace.

Why You Shouldn’t Have a Crush at Workplace


1. Gossips and Rumors


when your co-workers start gossiping about you behind your back, that thing hurts differently. And it starts giving you stress and affecting your mental health. And crushes are not worth having a mental illness, and its time for you to start getting over a crush at work, so I hope you got my point.

2. Thoroughly check your company’s policies

A lot of companies prohibit workplace romance because it affects the productivity of the employees (that was a no-brainer). As gossips don’t stay far away from the ears of your HR manager, so, it is better to save yourself from this embarrassment. And, you definitely cannot afford to get fired because of these kinds of issues.

3. You start fantasizing


The workplace is not the right place for this. You don’t want to attract unwanted attention because of your fantasies. And, you never know where your fantasies can take you. So, don’t risk your job, promotion, and salary.

4. Reduced Productivity

day dreaming

you may be the star employee of the previous month, but after the entry of a new co-worker (who is also your crush), your productivity has hit rock bottom. Now, how do you think you are going to explain it to your senior manager? Save your reputation and don’t compromise with your work, because you don’t deserve a pay-cut or demotion.

5. Stalker label

As gossips demand some spicy news, don’t allow yourself to be that spice in the news. Because if nothing happens between you two, it’ll just end up putting a label on your character, and nobody wants to be labeled as a stalker and; that too at your workplace. Don’t let this innocent feeling get you labeled as a stalker or creep.

If you are interested in understanding the more negative consequences of having a crush at work, you can click here.

After going through all the mentioned points, you must have understood that getting over a crush at work is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. Just take the necessary precaution before doing anything stupid. And the most crucial point is going through your company’s policies because it can be a game-changer in your life.

All these things are beautiful until all this crushing does not seem to be going in a positive direction; it is better to move on in the initial phase before things start getting out of your hands. Learn to create a balance between your personal and professional life.


We are not discouraging you all from developing a crush. Because if there are lots of negative points, there are few good points as well; like they make the workplace livelier for you, they become a reason for you to come to your work regularly in the hope of spending the day with them.

Don’t develop a negative notion against developing crushes, and it’s all okay to go out on a date and have some fun, you all deserve that! You never know when you’re crushing over someone changes its form to love, and you end up finding a perfect life partner for yourself, just don’t do it at your workplace and put your career at stake!

So, don’t lose hope, keep on dating, and never forget to have fun in your life! This was an article on ‘Getting over a crush at Work.’ If you have something more to add, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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