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How Can One Get Glowing Skin?

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Glowing skin attracts more attention than makeup or a great wardrobe. While some are born with good skin, most are not. That does not mean that only those with good genes can have glowing skin. One can have good skin by getting used to certain skin care habits. One does not need to use skin care products to get the flawless skin they wish for.


Here’s a list of simple things one can do to get glowing skin-

  • Keep yourself hydrated- Drink a lot of water. It helps purify the skin by eliminating the toxins and waste. It also helps remove excess oil. It detoxifies the skin and keeps it soft. Use cold water to wash your face twice a day. It helps close the skin pores, thus preventing foreign materials from getting in.

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  • Eat healthily- One needs to eat healthy as digestive problems cause skin impurities. The right amount of vitamins and proteins can work wonders for your skin. Vitamin C is a complete necessity. Fruits and leafy vegetables need to be included in your daily diet. One should try to avoid processed food.

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  • Avoid the sun-  Carry an umbrella, wear clothes which cover most of your skin, use sunscreen to save your skin from wrinkles, dryness and uneven skin tone.


  • Remove make up before falling asleep- makeup can help one look attractive at any event. When one gets back home, they are often too tired to remove the makeup before falling asleep. This can be extremely harmful as make up contains chemicals that can harm the skin.

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  • Exercise- Exercise is the best way to cleanse your skin from within. It increases the blood and oxygen flow to the skill cells. The toxins and waste products are washed away. It also reduces stress. Run, skip, jog, dance- anything that will make you sweat will help.


  • Meditate- Meditation keeps the stress away. It makes you shine from within. Meditation slows the ageing process and makes one look youthful. Inner peace and happiness is bound to make you glow.

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  • Stay positive- One cannot expect to look good when angry, irritated or frustrated. Have a positive attitude to life and make sure you enjoy all the little things life offers. True happiness can make one shine.


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