The Google IO 2023 is here and Google CEO Mr Sundar Pichai cannot hide his excitement.  It appears as if Mr. Pichai was counting down for the conference. Sundar Pichai tweeted,

“t-25 min, see you soon! #googleio”

Google IO Commences
Source: Twitter

Twitter has been buzzing with #googleio ever since Mr Pichai tweeted.  So what is this Google IO?  Let us discover ourselves.

Google IO

The Google I/O is an annual conference where the developers meet and discuss various technology-related issues. During the conference, many latest products are introduced. The tech-savvy people await the Google IO to analyze the latest introduced software and upgrades from Google.

Google IO 2023

The world’s largest Tech company Google is all ready for the annual¬† Google I/O 2023. The conference is scheduled on May the 10th,¬† 2023.

1. Venue

The Google IO conference is being hosted at the Shoreline Amphitheater in the Mountain Views and this year’s conference is expected to be the largest meeting for the developers.

The fans and tech-savvy are eagerly awaiting news about the release of software and Android updates for phones.

Unlike last year,  there has been no leak of information this year and the outcomes of the conference will be a surprise for the fans.

2. Live Telecast

The live telecast of the Google IO can be watched on the official page of Google’s Youtube. In addition,¬† the same will be streamed on all the social media pages of Google.

Millions are expected to watch the keynote by the CEO of Google,  Mr Sundar Pichai.

3. Expectations

There are no leaks in the news from the Google IO conference.  However,  there are many speculations.

Google is yet to announce the release of a foldable phone and it is expected that the company will make this grant announcement at the meeting.

Another long-awaited release is that of Google Pixel Tablets. The fans are awaiting an announcement for this tablet for too long. If announced, it will be an Android-based tablet.

The device is expected to operate on Android 13 and the rumors also state that the tablet will have 8 GB ram and a whopping 11 screens.

Google IO Commences
Image from: Firmbee on Pixabay

In addition,  it is also expected that the latest versions of the Android phone Pexel and smartwatch can also be announced during the conference.

Google’s ChatGPT had changed the world ever since its induction. But with Bard coming into the field as a competitor, Google is expected to go all in. An announcement concerning the updation of AI is still expected.

Twitterati Reactions

The Twitterati has been buzzing with tweets. It appears as if the netizens were eagerly waiting for the announcement.

A scroll through the comment section will make you realize that plenty is awaiting the keynote address by the CEO Sundar Pichai.

The netizen was also seen to be intrigued by Google’s aspirations in the field of AI. However, certain sections of the netizens were unhappy with the way Google has been functioning.

Some of the comments ask Mr. Pichai to resign.

What are your expectations from Google IO? Tell us in the comment section.

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