North Korea Claims Successful Test of Hydrogen Bomb

North Korea Claims Successful Test of Hydrogen Bomb 1
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On the morning of 6th January, North Korea, an unstable country of North Asia, launched a message about its test of the hydrogen bomb, one of the most dangerous existing weapon ever. This news terrified the world and added another fear next to terrorism. This act is definitely against the UN charter as well as an attempt to threat the world peace.




At 10:00 A.M, the U.S. Geological Survey registered seismic activity in the northeast part of North Korea. The measuring showed 5.1 on the Richter scale. Two hours later, the Korean media announced that the North Korean army tested the first ever hydrogen bomb. To prove the news about one of the most dangerous weapons needs time. However, if North Korea has tested the ‘h-bomb’, it is a rapid increase of ‘success’ of their nuclear program and means real destabilization for the region.


North Korea has been realizing its nuclear program since 2006. Nowadays, experts believe that there were, at least, four underground nuclear detonations, the most powerful in 2013. “That blast, along with the two previous ones, was of an atomic weapon, not the exponentially more devastating hydrogen variety.” the Times wrote.



“There’s nothing that’s occurred in the last 24 hours that has caused the US government to change our assessment of North Korea’s technical and military capabilities.” White House press secretary Josh Earnest explains. “Now, I hasten to add that we’re continuing the work necessary to learn more on the nuclear test that North Korea conducted last night.”

The doubts about credibility have arisen already in the question of the insufficient seismic movements for a hydrogen bomb. In other words, the reported atomic bomb tests created approximately the same seismic activity as the explosion related to the announced bomb from January 6th. However, the specialists claim that hydrogen bomb would produce much more underground activity than the magnitude reported by American geologists.



Pyongyang’s nuclear experimentation can cost the loss of the only ally that North Korea still have, China. The nuclear tests, as well as the hydrogen denotation, has angered Beijing. “Of course, this nuclear test will devastate the relationship with Beijing, Xi Jinping has been pushing very seriously for denuclearization, and this test is a brand new challenge for the entire international community,” claims Zhu Feng, a North Korea expert at Nanjing University in eastern China.

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Probably the most threatened country is South Korea at this moment. Since the two nations had signed the truce in 1953, the two Koreas are technically in the war. “Late last month, Kim Yang Gon, the North Korean official charged with managing relations with South Korea, died in a supposed car accident,” the Times wrote. The relations are again cooling, in this time, without China, North Korea will probably stay without any help of allies. This is a punishment for intolerance of the international agreements and treatments signed but not fulfilled.

The definite reaction of the international organization, as well as a proof of the reliability of the news, will come later on. However, already now, there are damages in the international relations.


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