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Granite Hot Springs: 7 Things to Remember

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Hot springs are always helpful in refreshing yourself after a good walk or a hike.  You can experience all of this at the Granite hot springs. You can camp here as well, solo, with your friends or family (yes, you can bring your kiddos to have fun and introduce themselves to nature!)

The water here is not that hot as you might be thinking. Of course, it’s not boiling water, just as it should be; totally comforting.

Moreover, the water is saved in artificial pools, which makes your bath as safe as it could, and you can bring your kids irrespective of their age.

In addition, there are trees everywhere, so when you walk towards the Granite hot springs, see yourself get lost in the sheer beauty and serenity.

If you want to plan your trip to the Granite Hot Springs, don’t worry about options, as there are plenty of them.

There are many camp providers on campgrounds, but there are also some private camps where you can enjoy your own space.

They’re close to the granite hot springs, big in size (can stay with your family or group), and are private (which matters the most!)

Granite Hot Springs is a favorite picnic destination for the locals. And if you’re luckily in or around Jackson, don’t commit the mistake of not visiting it.

In this article, you’ll get some tips that will help enhance your trip to the Granite hot springs.

You might also like to visit these during your stay at Jackson, Wyoming.

You might have already heard of the famous Grand Teton National Park, but you should definitely go to the Granite hot springs with your kids and family if you are in Jackson, WY. It’ll just multiply the fun!

How to Reach the Granite Hot Springs?

A car drive to the Granite hot springs is a great idea.

Granite Hot Springs is situated twelve miles after the turn at Hoback Junctions in the Hoback Canyon, South of Jackson.

You can take a drive to reach here. The drive isn’t smooth, it’s a little jerky and rocky, but you wouldn’t even feel that; I mean, the scenery and surroundings are so beautiful here!

At a place, you will see the crystal clear waters of granite creek and joining the Hoback Canyon, which is usually muddy and looks beautiful.

Campgrounds of Granite Hot Springs:

Camping at the Granite hot springs

There’s a specific season for campgrounds here. They are open from the weekend of Memorial Day till the end of September.

Sites are available in considerable numbers, you can see more than 50 campsites, but of course, if you book in advance, it’ll be better.

Generally, weekends are full of rush here, just like any other place so try to come on some busy weekday.

You will be facilitated with all the basic needs like drinking water, picnic table, fire pit, and vault toilets.

You won’t be charged a great amount for camping; it’s pretty cheap here, and if you forgot to book in advance and now campgrounds are all full, you can enjoy camping somewhere near the Granite hot springs, absolutely free! But make sure you take care of hygiene and the environment.

You can also camp in your cars or vans if you’re driving to the Granite hot springs! Some of the places are a bit tough to get to, so make sure your vehicle is safe and secure.

How “Hot” the Granite Hot Springs Really Are?

Granite Hot Springs

Throughout the article, you’ve been reading about a natural spring, which is naturally hot in temperature. But how hot is it? Is it boiling? Or just a bit hotter than the normal temperature?

Well, in summer, the waters of the Granite hot springs won’t be that hot, surprisingly, because this is the time when snow melts and its temperature is safe enough.

Some people who come in the early summer also get downhearted because the water wouldn’t be as hot as they had expected, not even warm. The temperature of the Granite hot springs throughout the summer fluctuates between 90 to 94 Fahrenheit.

The best time to visit the Granite hot springs is during winter, as the water reaches its highest temperature at this time of year. You can expect the water to be around 100 to 108 Fahrenheit.

You Might Also Like to Checkout This Beautiful Waterfall Which Falls on The Way

Waterfall falling on the way to the hot springs

So there’s this short and a little bit of a challenging trail that leads to the waterfall we are talking about. This trail is magnificent because it lets you walk and sit and stand in front of a roaring waterfall!

There are rocks and logs assembled for people to sit and enjoy the cool, misty waterfall. It’s a really great place to take a break with your kids.

As mentioned earlier, this waterfall falls on the way to the Granite hot springs. You can rest for a while, listen to the music of nature, and get drenched in the misty waterfalls drop by drop! Let your kids play and enjoy the splashes of water and know what true fun really is.

This place is amidst the mountains and was built around the 30s. So there are barely any facilities you’ll get here, like a limited number of phone and food services. Please carry your food and water and charge your devices well!

Being at this waterfall and having fun can be really rewarding, especially if you’re visiting and camping in the summers.

So you know about the Granite Hot Springs well now. But!

Here Are Some Things Consider Before Visiting the Granite Hot Springs:

1. Pools at the Granite Hot Springs Aren’t Friendly for Handicapped People.

A swimming pool

The pools were constructed in the 1930s, which makes them devoid of modern facilities.

2. You Won’t Get Food!

A girl cooking food while camping

Yes, there are no shops or ferries which offer food here.

However, it still provides an amazing break from daily life and a chance to be in the slow old times. You’ll get picnic spots and tables, so bring your food and enjoy!

3. Consumption of Alcohol is Permitted

A guy enjoying drinks while a refreshing bath

You might be feeling a can of beer while enjoying a hot bath in the springs won’t be hazardous! But sadly, no beers! You can’t drink any alcoholic beverages in the granite hot springs pool area.

4. No WiFi & Limited Phone Services

There's no WiFi here but you'll find a better connection!

As it’s a really backward kind of site which has not developed in the pace of life around us, there’s no WiFi or phone service. Make sure to inform all of your friends and family before getting here.

5. Payment is Accepted only in Cash

Bring cash if you're planning a visit here.

You might already have got an idea by now as to why they take cash. It is because it doesn’t have other methods of payment available yet.

Keep your cash safe, and you won’t even spend much as there’s almost nothing to spend on, and the fees are quite cheap too.

6. Washrooms & Changing Rooms are Available

Just like any other place and campsite, they offer basic washrooms and changing rooms, but you won’t get towels or even soap or paper so bring everything yourself!

7. Timings According to the Seasons

In the winter, the granite hot springs pool is open usually from the first week of December to late March or early April from 10 AM till 4 PM.

You will have to get to the Granite hot springs by snowmobiling dog sled, fat bike, snowmobiling tour, or skiing in the winter, which adds up in fun.

In the summer season, the granite hot springs stay open from mid-May to late September or early October from 10 AM to 8 PM.

You can also call and ask your queries if you have any.

Amphitheatre Lake
Amphitheatre Lake

I think I’ve summed up everything for you now; the trip to the Granite hot springs is a full package! You get to have an amazing drive, take a relaxing bath, beautiful trails and hikes, waterfalls, and camping as well. The walk where you reach the hot springs through the parking lot is a beautiful way to look around and be in touch with the environment.  It surely does connect you with nature effortlessly.

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park

If you’re heading towards Grand Teton National Park, you have to check out the hike leading to the Amphitheater Lake!

When you come all tired after your hike and fun day at the Grand Teton National Park, refresh yourself at the Granite Hot Springs.

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