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HarperCollins Publishers India to Provide ‘Pawternity leave’ to Employees

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HarperCollins Publishers India to Provide 'Pawternity leave' to Employees 1

Do you want a pet but can’t because you don’t get time from your hectic work hours?  Taking care of a pet is hard and so is the process of getting one. Here’s an organization which is offering a leave to its employees who are planning to get a pet, the ‘Pawternity leave’,  The leave can be 5 working days or a week. Yes, a paid leave.

The first few days after adopting a pet are the hardest,  they take time to adapt to the new environment, and the pawternity leave assists in this. you get a week of paid leave to make your pet get to know you.

HarperCollins publication India is the first organization in the country to offer a pawternity leave, making it possibly the best employee companies in the country. The concept is relatively alien to India but is quite famous in the western countries; the leave is similar to maternity and paternity leave and helps accountable pet adoption.

The company believes that the pet kinds are equally important to human kids, and need love and care just as same. The company is also going to assist the employees who find it hard to leave their pets back at home (because of the lack of someone to take care of the pets or any other reason); the company will allow the employees to keep the pet in the area designated for them.  The policy targets to make the office employee friendly and offer salubrious working environment.

The company in UK has recently won an award for diversity at the workplace. The company tries its best to provide the best working condition for the employees and we can see an example.

Harpercollins publication is a part of the worldwide company Harpercollins publication is present in the market for 25 years now, the country is the second largest publishing house in the country. the office in India is based in Noida.

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A law student, wading through life with books, music and a dash of sarcasm.

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