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Top 15 Things That Tell You are Working in a Hostile Work Environment

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Did you know that one-fifth of Americans have experienced a hostile work environment? Workaholics or people who work in an office does not work only to earn money. But they also want to showcase their talent and achieve success in their career. But it does not happen every time. What you think may turn ugly in the work environment. Many employees experience a hostile work environment. It makes their work-life terrible.

Top 15 Things That Tell You are Working in a Hostile Work Environment 1

In many cases, employees who are not too practical, who are emotional find themselves in a bad situation. Sometimes, they even do not realize the situation and find themselves in a bad circle from where it is next to impossible to come out or leave the organization.

It is always to think “prevention is better than cure”. So, you should always take measures that will help you come out of this bad situation. Before that, you need to know that there are certain signs which will help you to understand that your professional life is at stake.

The performance at work gets affected, even if you are working from home. You are not only the victim of a hostile environment. But other employees face the same situation. It even affects their performance at work.

15 signs for you to know that you work in a hostile work environment 

1. Unreasonable Workload

Many companies believe that you can work at least five people in a given time. If you do so then it can lead to depression and anxiety shortly. If you are staying late for work, then you must understand that your workload is very heavy.

2. Overtime without any compensation

Some employees work overtime because they wait for a lucrative paycheck. If you are giving extra hours to your work, then you should get extra pay for that many hours. But, in many companies, the employees do not receive the paycheck of the extra hours. It is a result of the complete hostile work environment. 

3. Employees quit in a hostile work environment

When you watch that your co-workers are also quitting the job, then you will understand that you are not the one who works in a work environment. In a hostile work environment, you automatically understand that it is the time for you to say goodbye to the company. 

4. Company performance is low

When a company does not meet the financial goal and client expectations that leads to a depressing situation. The company start layoff and freeze salaries. Hence, it is time to understand that you work in a hostile environment.

5. Work Anxiety is more in a hostile work environment

Working in a bad environment also increases your anxiety level. Your body shows symptoms like appetite change, stomach ache, and panic attacks. Whenever you come to the office and you feel that your body is showing these symptoms. Sometimes this anxiety comes out as anger or aggression to family life as well. It is a big sign that you work in a bad environment.

Top 15 Things That Tell You are Working in a Hostile Work Environment 2

6. Gossips Unlimited

Gossips are not new in offices. These gossips also encourage a lot of rumors. This makes the life of being an employee miserable. If you take part in the gossip, then also it is a problem. If you do not take part, then also you will come on the radar. Try to walk away though while changing the gossip subject.

7. Regular Layoffs

When a company practices layoff very frequently you can find it stressful. You live in constant fear that you will be the next one. Every year or every month layoff is a very sad practice and it is the proof of a hostile work environment.

8. Socializing with co-workers is a task

Eating lunch with co-workers or after office parties with the team can be stressful if you cannot get along with the team or co-workers. You should maintain the best communication with everyone in the office. But, if you are not on the same page, then you must understand that everything is not right in the work environment.

9. Searching for job

When employees are happy with the current job profile, then do not search for new jobs. When you work in a company, but you are constantly updating your resume and search for related jobs in various companies and job sites, it is the time you should realize that you work in a hostile environment.

10. Boss is unhappy all the time

Whatever you do, meeting, complete reports, follow up with clients for the boss and project manager, no one is happy. They continuously question your eligibility or performance. That time you should understand that you work in a bad ambiance.

Hostile work environment

11. Criticism on point all the time

An employee always welcomes constructive feedback. But too harsh and negative comments can lower your self-confidence and self-esteem. It demoralizes you and you do not feel doing any work. You cannot cope up with the rejection. It breaks you from inside.

12. Sexual harassment

As many as 54% of women experience sexual harassment in the workplace. In some companies, sexual harassment is an unsaid activity. Many women and even men come under the sexual harassment radar. The situation constantly haunts the employees. It is again a proof of a hostile work environment. If you are a sufferer of such a situation, then it is mandatory to take some legal action against such a situation.

13. Family life affected

When you come home to parents or wives or husbands, they notice the first change in you. You constantly remain sad and stressed. Hence, your family life gets affected the most. You can blame your work environment for this.

14. Available 24×7 expectation

Thanks to technology that employees are available on smartphones and email. Hence, the boss wants them to be available at work for 24×7. This can create an effect on family life, personal life. Some employees always show availability which in the long run can create havoc. It is a result of a toxic environment.

15. You aren’t comfortable in a hostile work environment

Talk about equipment that need to be replaced or furniture that you just don’t want to use – a hostile work environment just isn’t the place you want to be in. While dated equipment and furniture isn’t always a sign for a hostile work environment, it sometimes is.

These are the fifteen situations when you should know that you work in a hostile environment. Always stay active and be alert. Take precautionary measures well in advance so that you do not suffer the trauma of working in a hostile environment. It can seriously take a big toll on your physical and mental ability in the long run.

Are you in a hostile work environment?


hostile work environmentThe hostile environment happens because of company policies, ethics and roles by managers or HR’s. When an employee joins a company, the person does not expect such an environment. They focus on the work and want to improve their performance.

Lastly, they find the situation unbearable and it makes them impossible to survive in this hostile environment. To avoid the unfavorable situations you can gracefully resign and leave the company. It will make you more confident rather than finding yourself in the middle of nowhere. You may need a recommendation letter for your next job, so graceful exit is much appreciable than anything else when it comes to working in a hostile work environment.

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