Hilary Clinton Winning the Ticket

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Hilary Clinton Winning the Ticket 1

Hilary Clinton’s Moment In History

On Tuesday, the 7th of June, Hilary Clinton claimed her place in history by becoming the first woman in the 240 year life span of the United States who got the leading presidential ticket of a major political party. In her speech Clinton thanked the public and stated “Tonight’s victory is not about one person. It belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible.”

Hilary Clinton Winning the Ticket

The Present Political Scenario

Clinton Vs Trump

After being present for three decades at the heart of American politics as the controversial feminist icon, this victory brings Clinton very close to her dreams. The former First Lady, Senator of New York and Secretary of the State will face the battle with Republican nominee Donald Trump in the general election.

Clinton criticizes Trump’s business record, character and also his tendency to use his platform to satisfy personal grudges. On the other hand Trump is trying to portray Clinton as a liar who cannot be trusted.


Clinton Vs Sanders

Another thing that Clinton has to do is unify her own party after a battle against Bernie Sanders. Sanders is not ready to give up and vows to fight for every delegate and every vote.

This political battle is slowly becoming the nastiest campaign in U.S history.

Obama’s Take

President Barack Obama called both candidates to congratulated them for “running inspiring campaigns that have energized Democrats.” But it is being guessed that Obama is clearly siding with Clinton. He had also praised her for securing the delegates that was necessary to acquire the democratic nomination for the presidential post.

Hilary Clinton Winning the Ticket

Hilary Clinton-An Inspiration for the Masses

Her historic campaign has inspired millions of people and has given her struggle for the middle class and the children a new direction. Clinton gained her victory exactly 8 years after she joining the Democratic primary campaign against Obama. Clinton greeted the crowd in Brooklyn with her arms outstretched, clearly enjoying her moment of victory.

Hilary Clinton Winning the Ticket

The people of the U.S are waiting with bated breath for the results of the 2016 elections, and it is hoped that this strong and vibrant woman manages to achieve the Presidential post that she has been fighting for. Her victory will certainly be an epoch in world history, and will  serve as an inspiration for the entire human race.

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