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Distillery District Toronto – Top 8 Things to Discover

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Are you planning for a holiday? How about the distillery district Toronto?

distillery district toronto
Maarten van den Hewel/Pexel@all rights reserved

The distillery district is an urban city in Toronto, Canada. It has numerous heritage buildings, shops, cafés, and restaurants to explore. Walking around Victorian architecture feels like stepping back to the 19th century.

Did you know that Victorian architecture’s largest collection is present in the distillery district?

So, keep reading to learn more about the historic place.

History of Distillery Historic District.

The story of the distillery district started during the 1800s. Late back in 1831, James Worts landed in Canada with his brother-in-law William Gooderham.

Together they opened a windmill near the seashore of the Don River. However, two years later, Wort’s wife died during childbirth, and he ended his life.

But Gooderham conserved the mill along with Wort’s son. In 1837, they saw the rise in grain from the farmers. They started adding a distillery and started producing whisky. It was one of the largest distillery districts around the world.

distillery district
David Quinlan/Flickr @all rights reserved.

During the 1850s, their mill was flourishing. The opening of a new distillery was the major contribution of the industry. In addition, they also set up an ice cream shop and dairy company. Meanwhile, with their growth, they also started exporting whisky to Canada and other countries.

In the 1900s, the region became the center of attraction to many movies too. They started using the distillery district as the backdrop. Today the city stands and representatives of Heritage.

Now that you know the history, you might be wondering where to start.

I want to suggest some of the top things to do in distillery district Toronto.

Top things to do in Distillery District Toronto

The distillery district is loaded with historical buildings and culture. It reflects Victorian industrial architecture. Are you a lover of art? Then a trip to the historic distillery district will save you a purpose.

1. Best Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Visit Local Art Galleries

The common thing that you can notice in the place is art galleries throughout the streets. The surrounding area is filled with local galleries. It displaces art of both international and local artists.

(i) Arta gallery:

To promote the works of the artist, this gallery features spotless impressive works of local Canadian artists.

art gallery
Juliemgallery/flickr@all rights reserved

(ii) Corkin gallery:

Being one of the important art galleries in the distillery district, it offers a wide range of photography, painting, and sculpture. The main idea for presenting photography is to present the relationship over other mediums.

Some of the famous photography presented by Andre Kertesz, Harry Callaham, Scavullo, Sara Moon, and Irving Penn. It exhibits the archetypal work of modernism in the distillery district of Toronto.

corkin gallery
Monika Blazenovic/flickr@all rights reserved

(iii) Thompson Landry Gallery

Nested in the cooperage space, this gallery is home to a beautiful collection of arts. This is the only gallery in distillery district Toronto to exhibit the masterpiece of Quebec artists.

thompson landry gallery
Duane Schermehorn/flickr@all rights reserved

Some of the best-preserved collections can be explored in Toronto’s distillery district.

2. Fun Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Toronto Christmas Market

Have you started your trip in winter? Is it the season of Christmas? Then the distillery lane in Toronto can be a Wonderland of magic to celebrate.

There are dozens of shops, each selling unique and various handmade gifts. One can pick from small to multiple gifts. Local vendors sell gifts under the cold weather and strings of light.

The market is filled with handcrafted ornaments and Carolers. If you wish to add a good collection to your wish list, then this is the place.

christmas market
Kazuki Ueda/flickr@all rights reserved

Shop, drink, and drive are what you can do. The Toronto Christmas market can keep track of how many days are left for Christmas. It also has a decorative and massive Christmas tree coated with silver ornaments.

The Christmas tree under the twinkling stars adds an external beauty. The industrial building adds as a backdrop of the distinct tree. The market has turned into a favorite spot among tourists to capture the beauty and click snaps.

3. Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Shopping

Shopping in the distillery district of Toronto is worth exploring if you are shopping junk. Visiting the stores can give you an idea. You will find various collections that are worth the money.

Shopping in in Toronto distillery district is nearly a dream come true. It is home to various home decor collections. The Victorian Era industrial architecture adds charming beauty to shopping. The different unique groups in the distillery district have turned into a perfect destination.

One of the famous stores in the Toronto distillery district is blackbird vintage fids. This store is a collection of wrapped antiques and is one of the renowned specialty stores. One can find

you u/flickr@all rights reserved
– scientific instrument, beauty product, scented candles
– pharmacy bottles, furniture, old kitchen scales
– small paintings and old typewriters

This store typically represents the Victorian period. Step out to buy the antique collections.

(ii) Brego

Yet another famous shopping is Bergo. This shop is easy to access as it is situated in the main part. If you search for watches, gadgets, and whimsical gifts, then this is the right place.

orange mania/flickr@all rights reserved

This place is a spot for contemporary design. All the stores in the Bisleri district can leave and sparkling image by one of a kind. Try exploring these shops at least once.

4. Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Explore Restaurants

Have a plan to dine in for delicious meals because the City has a few restaurants to start with.

Make sure you visit Cluny Bistro at least once. It welcomes you with its amazing decor. The seafood industry restaurant turns out to be mouth-watering.

restuarants in Toronto
zacatecoluca/flickr@all rights reserved

To try Mexican cuisine, the El Catrin restaurant would be a great option. It provides you with fine dining with a musical environment. This outdoor dining can make your meals memorable.

Don’t miss trying these good meals when you visit the City.

5. Fun Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Lake Ontario

Yes! It is one of the great lakes in Toronto’s distillery district and a favorite site among tourists. The shoreline flows through 712 miles.

It also has a view of Sandy beaches and parks filled with trees. Today it serves as the main source of drinking water to millions of people. Before reaching the Atlantic oceans, all the legs flow through Ontario lake.

6. Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Sweet Treats

There are numerous shops to get you a sweet tooth. Walking around the street gives you sweets. The best ice cream shop is Greg’s ice cream.

Greg ice cream shop
eLPadawan/Flickr @all rights reserved

To taste unique flavors of cookies and pastries, the brick Street bakery will work. While moving for the Christmas market, stop here to taste the pudding as well.

7. Discovering the Surrounding Historic Neighborhood

There is much to visit and discover near Toronto.

(I) The goodham building –

it is known for its building style and architecture. This neighborhood has three entrances. Today it is used for office purposes. It is also called the Flatiron building. It is one of the most important landmarks in the City.

goodham building
Chris Lee/flickr@all rights reserved.

(II) The cathedral church of Saint James

This neighborhood cathedral is famed for its unique construction. The exterior part is constructed with Ohio sandstone and White Bricks. Due to World war 1 of 1812, several damages were done. It was again reconstructed in 1832.

st james cathedral
Alex Luyckx/flickr@all rights reserved

(III) Saint Lawrence Market

It is mainly known for fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, dairy products, and grains.

Lawrence market
Michael Croudso/ flickr@all rights reserved

In the neighborhoods of the District, the distillery has many more things to explore.

8. Fun Things to do in Distillery District Toronto: Experience the Performing Arts

The district lane in Toronto is an area for arts and entertainment.

-Young center:

This performing arts center can bring out your emotions lively. It tries to steal your feelings. You can experience laugh, cry and feel

-Ernest Balmer studio:

It is one of the feminist companies theatre and entertainment are offered


To watch out for the different genres of dance, dancemakers can work.

Distillery District Toronto Walk in the City

There are some streets in the Toronto distillery district worth exploring. Here is a list of those streets and sites.

1. Cobblestone Streets

During the 17th century, England wanted to utilize resources and trade goods. For this, ships were used for exporting. Two ships sail to the ports of the cobblestone streets. The pebbles lying on the pathway were used as weight by the ship.

Once the ship’s arrived at Charleston to load the goods, they had no place for the stones. It was the tide that pushed the stones. Later the colonists used the stone to make the road.

cobblestone market
Tom Babich/Flickr @all rights reserved

2. Tank House Lane

The tank house lane has dozens of alcoholic purification and storage buildings. It is yet another landmark area in Millers St.

tank house lane
Sharon Drummond/flickr@all rights reserved

3. Parliament Street

The first parliament Street in Toronto was Berkeley Street. The street is now home to numerous houses, buildings, and industries. Earlier it was one of the main Victoria Street.

4. The Cherry Street

Cherry Street is a market by waters of the land’s port. One of the famous cherry street hotels is located here in distillery district Toronto.

the cherry street
Alyssa BLACK/Flickr @all rights reserved

5. Front Street

The front Street is located in the east-west road of distillery district Toronto. It lies beside lake Ontario. The street has a high erected building.

front street
Steve Lamb/flickr@all rights reserved

6. The Mill Street

Mill Street is one of the main streets in downtown Toronto. It connects the iconic destinations making it is the heart of the Street. Mill Street is famous for selling breweries.

mill street
Sam Thompson/flickr@all rights reserved

7. Trinity Street

Trinity street restricts cyclists and pedestrians. It is one of the common sites of harboring and the public in the distillery district of Toronto. One of the centers of attraction among the tourists is the large sculptures and buildings.

The Distillery District of Toronto is worth exploring. So, add these sites to your bucket list and pay the next visit. You won’t regret taking this trip.

Happy exploring!

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