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Lockdown Effect: Hospital uses 10 Units of Blood Everyday, Down from 40

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The extension of lock-down phase two was expectantly unexpected. People are facing various issues like improper transfer of daily essentials, and the closure of other medical facilities.

During a time like this, people tend to look at the bad side rather than looking positive side. Various social media influencers are coming up trying to amp up the positive sides of the lock-down. Nature has bounced back as many wild animals are being spotted on empty roads, all types of pollution levels have gone down and people are getting quality time at home. But there is more good news, the number of accident cases has gone down to almost 90%.

Lockdown Effect: Hospital uses 10 Units of Blood Everyday, Down from 40 1
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Since the roads are being barricaded and lockdown is being heavily imposed, the number of road accidents has dropped to a great extent. Sehore City Hospital, on an average day, needed 40 units of blood. However, since the lockdown was imposed, people have no other choice than to stay at their homes. According to the city hospitals report, since the amount of accidents lowered, the necessity of the blood transfusion fell drastically. The hospital states that the 10 units of blood which are required is used for maternity casualties.

Currently, the blood bank of the city hospital contains about 90 units of blood which will be for the disposal of patients. They state that the number of patients in the emergency ward has reduced to the extent that it is almost empty. Now the hospital approximately receives about 150 emergency cases. The rest of the cases mostly belong to the maternity ward.

Since the lock-down, due to less blood demand from the blood bank, around 30 units of blood are being used to find cures for COVID-19. The hospital has not received any major accidents in the past 21 days which is a great relief because of which 40 units of blood which was spent almost daily is being saved and utilized for a better cause.

Statistically, there has always been a lack of blood group A and AB. The hospital always faces a challenge as the patients who belong to these blood groups don’t have enough blood supply in the blood banks. But the hospital has taken preventive measures for the shortage as they have listed the donors’ names and numbers to contact them as soon as possible.

Blood donation camp
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In an interview with the Dainik Bhaksar, Dr. Anand Sharma states that since the lockdown is imposed and the blood donation camps have been shut down or are not organised anymore. To have a back up on the blood supply, he has made a list of the blood donors who can be available if there is a need for a blood transfusion.

The list of the blood donors along with their mobile phone numbers have been listed so that they can be contacted immediately for the blood transfusion. Dr. Anand says that currently, they have enough supply of blood in the bank and hopefully the situation will remain under control.

The hospital has segregated patients who have critical diseases and are being admitted to the ward. The patients who turn up with milder casualties and diseases are sent back home with proper medicine kit and prescription.

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