Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Why Every Human Being Needs a Best Friend?

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A best friend is like a sibling, who is there by our side always. Some best friends mean more than our siblings, to us. We might have many friends, but none of them can replace or take the place of a best friend. This is the reason why a best friend is termed as a “best friend.” A best friend is a unique friend who understands us even when we have nothing to say or talk about.


It’s not necessary that our best friend is similar to us or our carbon copy. A best friend can be entirely different from us. He or she can have different habits, follows different cultures, belongs to a different religion, etc. But the one who is understanding knows us well, supports us every where, whom we can trust blindly, is our best friend. We often get hold of a few friends who envy us and try to degrade us.

But a best friend is always happy when you achieve something and when people appraise you. The best friend is much content than you might be and depressed when you are upset. They give you a shoulder to lean on when you are depressed and want to weep your heart out. A best friend is there with us when none of our friends is there by our side. No matter what the world says or perceives about you, a best friend will always consider you as the best person.


A bet friend trusts you blindly. That person will always keep your secrets disclosed only to himself or herself. It won’t be leaked out. He or she will never fall into the trap of those people who get pleasure in creating misunderstandings between two best friends and separate two best friends. Even if you had a quarrel with your best friend, he or she would always confirm statements from you before making any rough decision.

Every human being needs a best friend in his or her life. So if you have one, consider yourself to be the fortunate one, and if you don’t, get hold of one soon.

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