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Find Out Which Type Of Friend Are You In Your Group Based On People From The Most Famous TV Shows Of All Time

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Growing up is the most challenging task in the world and can sometimes be very stressful. Our journey from school to college to work forces us to let go of a lot of things we love, but the only thing constant in our journey to adulthood and further is our group of friends. This group is our family, our teacher, support system, enemies at times, the love experts, but most are a pack of spirits that keeps overloading your brain with memories of all types.

This group is very versatile, with all shades of personalities that often contradict each other but also are the reason one feels complete around them. The variation is such that even you won’t realize at the time that which type of friend are you in your group? Are you the baby of the group or the nerd? The matchmaker or the enthusiast, pulling all your friends into different activities?

which type of friend are you in your group

Here is a list we created with different personalities based on the traits of certain fictional characters from the most known TV shows of all time that you can relate to.

Well, it’ll be safe to say that even though all the personalities stand out and might fit correctly on your friends and you but one could also have a combination of different qualities.

Which Type Of Friend Are You In Your Group?

1. The Hulk, aka Gym Freak:

The most commonly found species of friends in this list about which type of friend are you in your group is the pumped-up person who is always missing out on early morning lectures or evening movie shows, still forcing everyone to change their plans according to their suitability. No matter if the world is ending, but dare you to ask them to miss their chest day!

Now, this category doesn’t just include the gym lover’s but would also directly to other fitness freaks and diet-conscious friends, who would miss the best pizza in life to avoid those carbs.

Another interesting deal that comes with this package is the show-off of those grand biceps in every fight; these friends just don’t miss a single opportunity to dive in to rescue a friend and smash everything and every face. If you are this friend, then be proud of yourself, you save a lot of your friends in trouble.

2. Chandler Bing – Humor is My Coping Mechanism:

Which type of friend are you in your group, if not this one? Even if you don’t land in this category, you surely would have a friend who is witty to the core. Their humor ranges from funny to satirical to puns but all landing a direct punch to the face of the one made fun of and to your gut that hurts from rolling in laughter. The one particular thing that makes them such a real gem is they are clear to your face; they will never go around your back, badgering you or anyone for that matter because they just can’t ‘fake it.’

While they might be the funniest people to be around, most of them simply master the art of hiding their pain and problems. They start countering their feelings with humor and always dodge the questions that are related to their life. So, make sure to keep an eye on this particular friend because they are the most vulnerable and yet the hardest nuts to crack. Keep their emotions in check while they keep you entertained with their jokes.

3. The  Woman Of This Generation Better Known As Samantha Jones:

One of the most underwritten and unappreciated characters of all time to appear in a TV show is the character of this badass woman from Sex and The City- Samantha Jones. While you read along with this category figuring which type of friend are you in your group and find yourself to be like her, no matter what gender you belong to, then don’t be afraid because you are the most fearless and influential person in your group and have the independence on your thoughts and feelings. You do not believe in confiding with the society’s normative and conventional ideas, you believe in thinking out of the box and breaking the boundaries. You are not afraid of expressing your sexual desires or letting people know how ambitious you are. If you are a female and think these characteristics match your personality, then you might as well be a believer of the term ‘God is a Woman.’

Another sensible thing about you is that you are a ‘learner,’ you are always open to knowledge and applying your education in your life to your principles. If you have a friend who is like this, then you are blessed because you are friends with a world changer, might as well learn a few of their attributes.

4. Sheldon Cooper – The Nerd:

Every series you’ll ever watch in your life will have a person in the group who is the smartest in the room and is always turning out to be the most convenient time and again, every time the protagonist is in trouble. Whether it be Hermione from Harry Potter or as the title suggests Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, their factual knowledge, and its accuracy is always on point.

When the series make sure to always add a friend like this, then how can we skip them in our list of which type of friend are you in your group?! The easiest way to figure this out is, well, we guess you might have figured that out already without us suggesting anything. After all, you are the smartest one. You are the most hated the most loved person of the group yet as you always score the most but are also the one who saves their mates from drowning.

Even though you are the most perfect being ever designed to walk the Earth, guess you could work on just one thing in yourself, and that is ‘relaxing’ a bit, letting yourself chill at times, go out with your friends from time to time, engage in hot gossips and not worry about missing out on a lecture or two someday for a day out.

5. Mommy Of The Year Goes To Monica Geller:

This category is close to my heart, and so is to most of the people because if these friends didn’t exist, we would have been like unattended babies left to fetch for themselves. The Mom friend could be of any gender, despite being typecasted over the centuries by attributing it to socially defined feminine qualities. These friends are not appreciated enough by the other members of the group and often feel irritated by their care and protectiveness. It’s time we acknowledge their efforts and make sure to thank them from time to time as, without these humans, we’d be drowning in our tears every time we’re heartbroken or flunked an exam. They also take care of us while we’re unwell and make sure to help us out of our recurring existential crisis. The Mom friend tops the list of which type of friend you are in your group. Did I forget to mention these friends also work like the glue of the group, who constantly pull everyone together and solving the differences that sometimes occur between the other members of that group.

If you live with a friend who is a mom figure, then you sure would want to murder them at times, but in the end, they are the only person you want to be the most reckless around, knowing they will be there to hold you when you fall.

6. Carrie Bradshaw aka Fashionista:

Every single person who read the heading and their eyes glimmered with self-appreciation have already reached the conclusion of which type of friend you are in your group list. Your style is outstanding beyond comparison and not to mention, is always in trend. Your eyeliner is still looking good, and your heels speak for themselves. This is important to notice that just like any other category, this too is gender-neutral, and since we’ve evolved and educated ourselves enough to know that makeup, clothes, and choice of footwear are unisex, let’s also imply it in real life.

Speaking of the Fashionista who is representing this category, Carrie Bradshaw, you too possess her other qualities like her flamboyant attitude, excellent representation skills, and a vast wardrobe with footwear that express your mood.

7. Samaira Dean – The Social Butterfly:

Are you that friend who is known by all and automatically brings a smile to every person’s face as soon as your name is mentioned? Well, then you know which type of friend are you in your group! You’re the social butterfly. You have an easy-going aura; you just know how to find a connection with every single soul you meet. No one would have anything negative to say about you. You probably are also the one who makes every new person who just joined your group or the community to be familiarised with others and how the system operates.

There is another shining quality in you, and that is you can easily impress and influence people to be helpful and comforting just like yourself. You also have a way with your words, which comes with your high wisdom and self optimism. Even though you might be the one in the group who has the most friends outside the group as well, you never let anyone be a priority above your group members.

8. Crazy Is My Nickname, and You Can Call Me Harley Quinn:

Now, there are different versions of Harley Quinn that run in the DC Universe, differing from cartoon series to the latest movie, but there is no harm in saying that she surely has a personality that just stands out. Mentioning someone as Harley has its pros and cons that shouldn’t bother you if you fit this category while deciding which type of friend you are in your group. It is more like an umbrella term.

So, if you’re the famous DC trouble maker, you already are proud enough of yourself because that’s what you live for and, that’s how your friends recognize you. You are the most energetic person in your group who is always keeping everyone on their toes while looking for a new adventure all the time. People might have a bittersweet relationship with you because not everyone can share your energy after all, right? From planning the next trip to planning revenge on the professor who shamed your friend in front of the entire class, you’re up for it all, so don’t let anyone take that craziness out of you because you completely rock it!

9. Archie Andrews – The Heart Throb:

If you belong to this category of which type of friend are you in your group or have a friend who does then, you are in the most happening circle. The life of an Archie Andrew is always full of drama, romance, and popularity. You are one of the most known people wherever you go, turning head everywhere. People turn red even if they catch sight of you. You are probably not the academic type but are undoubtedly thriving in a co-curricular activity, varying from music to soccer. You have a magical personality that somehow ends up in trouble, but just bouses back up with that charming smile.

You are deeply passionate about your work and love the people who work with you. Even though you appear to be the most out of the league person, you’re entirely down to Earth and surprisingly very caring. You have struggles of your own that you bury down that positive personality.

10. Overtly Emotional – Susan Mayer:

Finally, concluding the list about which type of friend are you in your group in the ‘Baby’ often seen as the overtly emotional friend by others. Your personality can sometimes be a little annoying because you often seem to lose control over your emotion and are too deeply dependent on others for your feelings.

Just like the character of Susan Mayer from ‘Desperate Housewives,’ you too are considered as the weakest among all, but what most people see as your weakness is also your biggest strength. Because you open up to people quickly and aren’t afraid to share your emotions with them, they too find a different level of comfort with you. They develop a sense of trust and often come to you when they’re feeling low. You have an extraordinary power of sharing others’ pain that not a lot of people possess, that’s a quality of a true friend.

Some Worth Mentioning Categories in Which Type Of Friend Are You In Your Group:

Joey Tribbiani- The Foodie
James- The Creepy One
Jake Peralta & Amy Santiago- The Forever Together

So did you figure out which type of friend you are in your group? Let us know in the comments below.

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