You are done with your exams, and your summer break has started. Now that your exams have ended, you probably do not know what to do with your life anymore. There are just so many things you had planned to do while preparing for the exams. Now, you are confused.

Here’s a list of things one can do to spend the semester break in a productive way:

  • Apply for an internship- Now is the perfect time to apply for internships in companies you wish to work for. A good internship will make your CV look good and help you stand out.


  • Learn any important skill- Learn how to drive. And cook. These are extremely important and will help you be independent. Next time you have to go somewhere, you won’t have to ask your father to drive you there. You won’t have to order pizza every time you are hungry, and there’s no food in the fridge.


  • Redecorate your room- Waking up to the same view everyday can get boring. Now that you have the time, you can redecorate your room like you always wanted to.


  • Read- Read anything you can get your hands on. Reading gives you knowledge and one can never have too much knowledge. Read articles on the internet, fiction, comic books- anything you want.


  • Catch up with old friends- You spend your time with your college friends and assignments the whole year. Now is the time when you finally can meet your old friends and reconnect with them.


  • Get a part time job- Now that you have time, get a part time job which pays well. One can never say no to earning some money.


  • Travel- Go on a trip with your friends or family. Go alone, if you want. One can learn so much while travelling. Now is the perfect time for you to go on trips without spending a lot of money.


  • Exercise- Doing internships from home, watching movies and reading can help you spend time but you body will thank you if you work it a little. Go on walks, dance, join a gym.


  • Give back to the community- Now that you have time, volunteer for a noble cause. There are so many NGOs in need of people to help them serve the community.

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