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The Beauty Of Liberal Arts

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So, the big question: Why liberal arts? Why not medical? Why not engineering? Or commerce?  Or computer science? Although liberal arts mark the basis of the entire education system and form the crux for almost every area of study, they are the most under-rated field of study in India. A huge part of Indian society is convinced that the study of liberal arts is somehow secondary; it is pleasurable, laid back, minor and less vital to the real world in comparison to the specialized and professional courses.

Importance Of Liberal Arts


The education of liberal arts is not planned or meant to coach a student for a particular profession or job; rather it prepares you for the professional world by creating an understanding of valuable set of employability skills, which includes the talent of thinking, the skill of effective communication and the knack for a lifetime of learning. When you are studying arts you learn about the objects and views which have been guiding and shaping the human civilization for hundreds of years. The study of liberal arts is by character wide and manifold, rather than closed and specialized. Liberal arts have been the basis of the education system for years, and more significant today than ever before.



The opportunities are in abundance and there is nothing that can stop you if you have enough interest and passion. Liberal arts serve as the substructure for most of the professional and job-specific studies. For instance, the knowledge of languages, history, and politics is the basis for the courses in journalism and mass media; education evolves around sociology and psychology.

It is a waste of your time, money and energy if you spend it doing something you don’t want to. You are more likely to succeed if you do something you have a passion for, do whatever you want to do, for your own reasons.

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