How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 1

In the field of social media marketing, Facebook comes as the topmost priority of marketers.  With more than 2.19 billion audiences, this platform holds great potential in making a business hit in the market.  Gone were the days when this platform was only used for sharing experiences and having fun.

Thanks to the digital revolution, which makes marketing cheaper and more effective through this platform’s use. Now, for marketing on Facebook, creating a useful landing page is the crucial step. So if you in search of how to create a landing page on Facebook, then this article will help you out.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 2

Example of the landing page on Facebook


What is a Facebook Landing Page? Landing pages are the leading and most important page for grabbing effective sales. These are the first page on which the user is landed after clicking on the Facebook ad. These pages are optimized for converting visitors into customers through their pay per click ( PPC) ads.

The landing page differs from the other pages (like pages of products and others.) Generally, considered the mirror of the brand,  these are made eye captivating with some valuable information for the customers to generate CTA from the Facebook ad.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 3

Facebook as the most significant marketing tool

Importance of Landing Page on Facebook

Through Facebook, the landing pages, in particular, play a crucial role in generating leads. These pages determine whether the results are derived from the efforts and time invested in it.

According to marketers, people take multiple steps before their conversion into valuable customers. This is referred to as the customer journey. Now, people are not engaged and delivered legitimate value; they will soon lose their interest in the brand at any step, no matter how appealing is your Facebook ad and the product.

Therefore providing them the legitimate and precise value of your brand is necessary. The landing pages on Facebook provide this value.

Hence,  the knowledge on how to create a  landing page on Facebook is crucial for the business.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 4

Landing Page on Facebook and its components


How to Create a Landing Page on Facebook?

How to create a landing page on Facebook;

How to create a landing page on Facebook

Creating a landing page on Facebook is an easy as well as budget-friendly task. There are various ways available for creating the pages well as there are different types of landing pages available for ad campaigns.

To obtain the maximum benefit, the advertiser chooses the right type according to the ad theme. Now, let’s discuss the brief guide on how to create a  landing page on Facebook.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 5

Selection of  the Ideal Landing Page

This is the first step on how to create a  landing page on Facebook. Choose the type of landing page which is more suitable for the ad campaign. The page type should generally reflect the main objective of the ad. Whatever is the main objective of the ad should be reflected on the landing page. The language used should be easy to read and catchy for the customers.

Creating the Landing Page on Facebook

There are various tools and ways available that make it easy to create a  landing page on Facebook. But choosing the right ones among these is necessary for the effectiveness of the landing page. There are some direct ways in which the landing page is built on Facebook itself. The indirect methods include the use of various tools for making the landing page.

  • The Direct Way

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 6

The direct way includes using a Facebook developer to create the landing page by making the tab within the existing page. These tabs work similarly to a website navigation menu, and these are present under the profile picture.  The various steps involved are as follows.

  1. Create the contents that need to be displayed on the landing page on the tab.
  2. Then create a web page outside of Facebook and notify Facebook to display the contents of a web page within the newly created tab. One point is that if you are using a previously made domain name and hosting platform, you have to start designing your page. However, remember to have a secure URL as Facebook requires allowing you to create the custom tab.
  3. Log in to the Facebook Developer Page. Make sure to use your original Facebook credentials.
  4. Click on the visible green tab to add a new app.
  5. After this, There would be various options available for reference, which you have to select to complete the setup. However, choosing these options requires a basic understanding of web development, CSS, and Facebook API. You can also hire web development professionals who can easily choose the right choices for creating the right landing page according to your ad campaign’s theme.

Indirect Way

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 7

Lander Tool

The indirect way for building the landing page on Facebook includes using some professional tools like  Getresponse’s, Lander, and others.


Designing the Ad Campaign and the Landing Page

Your landing page on Facebook determines your ad campaign’s success; therefore, it should be done carefully.

The design is done after creating the advertising banner and landing page.   Various applications like visual effects, images, logos, and others are added to the advertising banner and the landing page through a good marketing strategy.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 8

Behance Platform

Professionals for the Ad Campaign

For the ad campaign, you can design the banner from the Facebook ad manager or opt for third party visuals by hiring some professional designers as your employee or as a freelancer,  who is available on various platforms like Dribble, Behance, GetResponse, Upwork, and others.

You can also work with professional agencies like Smarketer, Mint, and others. If you want to handle the designing yourself according to your budget and time, then PhotoshopBannersnack, or Snappa are some available options for you.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 9

Landing page Designing

Designing the Facebook Landing Page

For designing   the Facebook landing page, various points should be kept in mind, which are

  • Responsive Design –  This is the main point to be considered. The landing page should be optimized to both desktops as well as mobile versions.
  • Logo –  The logo is the trademark of your product or services.  This must be present on both ads as well as on the landing page.
  • Visual Style – This must match up with your  Ad campaign on Facebook.
  • Colors – The colors should match up with the Facebook ad, and they should be customized according to the theme of your product or service. Also, don’t forget to use the perfect color combinations for important sections like CTA tabs and others.
  • Visuals/ Images– .  Most of the specific images and visuals must be used as we already know the effectiveness of visual or other formats; therefore use of good images and videos supporting the ads is necessary for the landing page’s success on the Facebook banner ads. So these must be added according to the theme as well as your target audience.
  • According to the audience’s choice, offers/ Deals – Introduction of attractive schemes like offers and gifts are generally preferred by the digital marketers. These efficiently help attract the users for conversions on-page.
  • Sub – Headline –   The headlines works as the mirror of your page. A catchy headline attracts the users to keep them on your page at a considerable time. Therefore, it should be wisely selected and updated.
  • CTA –  A powerful call to action must be used, which should be short,  visible, and easily readable to the audience. The CTA must be added on the right side of the landing page. Choose the ideal CTA according to your ad campaign.
  • Important Details – The important details of your services/brand like contact number, valid email ID, address, owner’s name, and social media icons should be added at the right spot on the page. Ensure the details should be correct and valid, as these help build the trust of the audience in your brand.
  • Privacy Policy Details – The link to your privacy policy page is a  must-have option to be used by any marketer. Its absence can even result in blocking Facebook ads.
  • External Links –  the addition of external links increases your page’s credibility as it works in engaging the customers. The external links include links to the pertinent blogs, a similar product page, or a relevant web page that can be used. Make sure to check the credibility of these links before adding them to your page.
How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 10

Facebook Privacy Policies

Confirmation of Facebook Policies

After designing the landing page, double-check Facebook’s privacy policies and ensure that these policies won’t get violated on your landing page.

How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 11

Addition of Analytics for Tracking

Add data and some analytics tools for tracking the growth of your page. There are various free analytic tools like google analytics available that can be used for this purpose.

Link the Landing page with Facebook Ad

This is the last step of this guide on how to create a  landing page on Facebook. After completing the previous steps, make sure to link your landing page on Facebook with your Facebook ad campaign.


How To Create A Landing Page On Facebook 2021: The Complete Guide 12

Hence, creating a useful landing page works as a game-changer for your brand /services. Therefore if you are a brand owner, it’s necessary to learn how to create a  landing page on Facebook to grow your brand and convert your audience into the fans of your brand.

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