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How to Do a Wardrobe Makeover: Guide 101

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Fashion File: Wardrobe Makeover 101

Want to do something fun? No, it isn’t whipping up a Dalgona coffee. We are talking about something more – like a wardrobe makeover! Yes, it’s easy, if you want to know how to do a wardrobe makeover. It isn’t as dull as it sounds, and if you do it my way, its quite the opposite.

How to Do a Wardrobe Makeover: Guide 101 1

Step 1: Roll Up Your Sleeves and Clean.

You first start from your room and, take every last piece of clothing out of the drawers and closets and, slip off all of them from the hangers. Check out the laundry, under the bed, the couch, your sister’s wardrobe to make sure that little minx is not hiding one of your pink tutus and your brother’s drawers for your supercool band t-shirts and your sweater dresses.

You need to be very thorough if you are looking to do a wardrobe makeover successfully. Make a giant pile on your bedroom floor– a collection that boasts all of the outfits you own.

How to Do a Wardrobe Makeover: Guide 101 2

Step 2: Pile Party

Now, this is one tough job, so you better blare up your speaker, put on your jam– some lively songs to pump you up with energy (I recommend Kendrick) and now start picking up your clothes one-by-one. If it is tough for you to part with your clothes, here’s a guide that is going to provide you some useful insight on how to do a wardrobe makeover.

1. Does it bring back special memories–like a t-shirt you bought to twin with your best friend?
2. Have you worn it in the past six months? (bathing suits and winter coats do not count)
3. Does it fit?
4. Would it match with other pieces in your pile to make an eye-catching outfit?
5. Does it need only a minor alteration (a button)–not a major overhaul?
6. Did you splurge a little extra on the wardrobe makeover?
7. Is it an evergreen piece?
8. Do you have a crush on the color?
9. Do you get compliments every time you wear it?
10. Do you find your reflection irresistible every time you pass a shop window because of this piece?

How to Do a Wardrobe Makeover: Guide 101 3

Now, if there are six or more Yes-es, you must hold on tight to this one!

Save it. Chances are these clothes are part of your regular rotation in your wardrobe makeover. This is the stuff you like to wear weekly. But favorite clothes can get worn out more quickly. Make your pieces last longer by taking good care of them. Fold them, replace the missing buttons, follow the label instructions, and do not just throw them on the floor until you start tripping on them.

If it’s a 50-50, put it in your maybe pile.

Wondering how to do a wardrobe makeover now? The clothes in this heap of your wardrobe revamp can be used to make more clothes, like a top from a t-shirt, shorts from a skirt, basically sustainable fashion. Store them.

You may not have worn these, but you don’t have to throw them. That’s one of the rules when it comes to how to do a wardrobe makeover. Store them away from sight like in a suitcase or something. I still wear my mom’s 30-year-old skirt and let me tell you if I get to sell it, it’s going to earn me some serious bucks because its that well kept and it’s such a classic vintage.

Six or more No-s mean you have to tell it but-bye, b. Lose it! Its trash, you don’t even have to overthink it. It’s time for some tough love and ditch those inappropriate duds. Keeping clothes in the closet isn’t magically going to make them wearable. They are just mess, and as I say, if you want to get rid of toxicity from your life, you better start from your closet b!

Step 3: Toss It!

This is the fun part of the wardrobe makeover. You can ball up your clothes from the reject heap and toss them into a bucket while yelling “Kobeeee” (R.I.P to a real one). Now remember this, all the clothes that are in excellent and wearable shape, ask your friends if they want them, but most importantly, DO NOT FORGET TO DRIVE OVER TO GOODWILL WITH ALL OF THE OKAY STUFF.

How to Do a Wardrobe Makeover: Guide 101 4

Step 4: Organizing is Important Part of how to do a Wardrobe Makeover

Return all your “keep” items to your closet. Try to keep it organized and make your wardrobe a little bit more accessible by sorting them based on a filter.

Choose your own for your wardrobe makeover! All the pinks together, all the blues on one side, basically by color. However, if you are someone who has a bit of the whole spectrum, this is going to take up a lot of space.

You can keep them according to the category, the shirts in one drawer, the skirts together and this is great for someone who doesn’t have a bazillion skirts and dresses that, if kept like this, will shame the Leaning Tower of Pisa. ( Me, duh)

So because I’ve got a lot of EVERYTHING, I sort my clothes by style– long skirts, day dresses, club dresses, gowns, shorts, short skirts, printed tops, embellished t-shirts– like that. It’s best for last-minute decisions!

How to do a wardrobe makeover

You’re done!

Kudos to you for keeping patience and a clear mind throughout! This is the first step towards an organized life. Even though I’m the one who parades all around the house shouting at anyone who tries to clean my room, saying, “it’s an organized mess!”

I secretly am relieved after every decluttering of my closet because I find so much “lost” stuff and sometimes useful things like a bit of stash hidden here and there. Cleaning the closet always has a hidden bonus!

So, here is your fabulously revamped wardrobe, if you still are not feeling it, click a picture for the Gram! Show off, and don’t forget to tag us @theicytales, and we’ll feature you in the stories. Now you know how to do a wardrobe makeover. What did you like the most about it?

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