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How to learn English by Changing Your Mind?

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Our mindsets differ

Take a moment and look at the surrounding people. Each of them is unique, a person with its own thoughts, desires, values, and principles. Now, analyze the difference between the ways they perform the same activity. You will notice that there is a difference even when they do something simple, not essay writing. This leads us to the next stage – the difference between mindsets.

If people perform an elementary action differently, imagine the variety of the ways they think. Even though they live side by side under the same conditions, they think different ways. Let us go further and compare people from different countries. In this case, there is a canyon between mindsets.

Link between mindset and learning new language

Each country has its own culture, customs, language, and citizens. When you are growing up, you soak up everything from the environment. It is inevitable to take over habits, beliefs, and mentality from the people that surround you.

To learn new language means the world for your brain. It means, that your brain has to separate everything linked to your native language to make it possible to add another one to the arsenal. You cannot learn only the foreign language without learning new values, culture, and the way of thinking as well. Thus, your brain needs to prepare for those changes.  

What to change before learning English

The learning process is very consumable, so make sure that you prepare your mindset thoroughly. It may sound difficult but it is not. Especially if you do it in a consistent manner. All you need to do is to take into consideration the five recommendations and engrain them one by one.

The most important thing is – do not focus on your mistakes. Making mistakes while learning is inevitable so it is needless to get upset with them. Try to concentrate on what you can do, on your strengths, your progress. It will help you to think positively, to build your confidence. It does not mean that you should completely ignore your mistakes. Look through the mistakes in your paper writing, analyze them, and think about the ways to improve them. However, do not give them too much thought; do not shift your focus to them.

Next, think about something positive, something that inspires you and helps you feel better. Write it down in English and put it on your fridge, on your PC, hang it over your bed. Repeat it daily and believe on that. You need it to keep your positive manner when learning English as there will be the good and the bad moments.

No less important, surround yourself with people who have as many inspirations as you have. Positive and motivated people will bring you up, support you, encourage you, and make you happier. It would be great to have English speakers in your surroundings who can give you speaking and writing help at Rapid Essay. Try to avoid people who do not understand you and who demotivate you, and who spread negativity.

Treat your mistakes as something valuable. You can learn from them a lot, so accept them, love them, and do not afraid of making them when practicing. It is better to make mistakes now than in your thesis writing in the future.

Finally, believe in yourself. You can learn English, you can become fluent, and you can sound naturally. Remember, all the restrictions are only in your mind. Get rid of them, think positively and you will succeed.

If you do those five thing before start learning, you will learn faster, more effectively, and easier. It will not become the torture for you.

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