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How to Write an Opinion Essay?

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What is an opinion essay? First of all, it is formal writing that requires a writer to provide his or her opinion regarding a certain issue. What is more, while writing an opinion essay or >, it is highly important to provide some additional points of view that should be supported by clear reasons and relevant evidence. Common examples of this kind of official writing include a gender-equality essay, global warming essay, gun violence essay, and the others.

The majority of students face numerous difficulties while writing an opinion essay. This article provides some useful tips that will help you submit an A+ academic assignment.

Pre-writing Techniques

First of all, before you start writing an opinion essay, it is necessary to gather certain information that will help you support your opinion presented in a paper. While collecting the required sources of information, make sure that they include some evidence supporting your point of view regarding a certain issue.

– Write an outline;

At the very beginning, you are highly recommended to write the first draft of your paper. Take a blank sheet of paper and write down everything you can about a topic you have chosen. Attempt to write as many ideas as it will be possible and don’t worry about grammar.

– Use brainstorming techniques;

If you want to get more ideas for writing a good outline, try to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. a) what question should be answered in this particular assignment?
  2. b) who is the target audience?
  3. c) what are some critical points that should be explained to the audience?
  4. d) what are the main ideas that you want to convey?
  5. e) are your statements contradictory or vague?
  6. f) can some of the arguments be improved?

– Organize Your Paper Properly;

Look through your ideas and organize them into different paragraphs. Firstly, decide which idea is the best one to acquaint your readers with a topic of an opinion essay. It can be used in the introductive part of your essay. In addition, decide which arguments refer can go together in the same paragraphs since they refer to a common point of view.

Usually, an opinion essay consists of three main parts: an introduction, main body, and conclusion

  1. Introduction

This part of your paper should introduce a topic of your academic writing. Additionally, it is critical to provide some background knowledge, your opinion regarding a certain issue, and an effective thesis statement.

There are some useful techniques you can use while writing an introduction:

– address the target audience directly;

– use quotation from the book, play, movie, article, etc.

– use a rhetorical question.

  1. Main Body

Since you are assigned with writing an opinion essay, all the body paragraphs should represent different views of a certain issue discussed in your paper. For instance, in the first paragraph, you can explain one idea, in the second paragraph – another one, and in the third paragraph – the opposing statement. All the arguments should be supported with relevant evidence from the sources you have found.

  1. Conclusion

In this section of your paper, you have to summarize your ideas. Furthermore, do not forget to explain why you have this particular point of view regarding the issue.

In conclusion, DO NOT:

– introduce a new idea;

– focus on a minor idea of your opinion essay.

How can you end your writing?

  1. a) address the target audience directly;
  2. b) use a quotation from the book, play, movie, article, etc.;
  3. c) use a rhetorical question;
  4. d) use a provocative question;
  5. e) compare this particular situation to the similar ones;
  6. f) suggest certain effects, outcomes, or consequences;
  7. g) end with a warning.

Post-Writing Techniques

  1. Revise the content and organization of your opinion essay.
  2. Pay attention to the grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and spelling.
  3. Revise the style of your academic writing.
  4. Read the paper aloud to detect some missing words as well as the misused word-combinations.
  5. Check your academic writing for plagiarism.

Now you know how to write a winning opinion essay. Be sure that our small guide will help you to be successful in this type of writing. Do not hesitate and try your skills.


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