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How to Cope with Writing a Ten-Page Paper Without Stress?

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Dealing with college or university papers is not that easy as it seems. Short deadlines, trying to complete a paper in the last minute, and big tasks that take much time and effort can easily make you feel stressed. However, stress is something that you should try to avoid. Worries, sleepless nights, and not feeling confident always bring a bad result.

How to Cope with Writing a Ten-Page Paper Without Stress? 1

We decided to gather all the best possible tips and help you deal with academic writing without stress. Imagine that you must complete writing a ten page paper and you really want to get a high grade…How do you feel? Probably you have lots of questions like: “How am I supposed to write such a long paper? How much time do I have? What if I do not find enough information?

This article was written for all students who worry and get stressed during the process of writing long papers. Here we are going to review the best effective tips that will help you write even a 10-page paper and get a high grade!

Top 5 Tips to Complete a Ten-Page Paper Without Stress

  • The best advice you can hear from someone who has experience in writing papers is to always break down big tasks into stages. A ten-page paper sounds quite scary, but if you break it down into the introduction, the body, and the conclusion parts, it seems more organized and clear, isn’t it?
  • Writing a paper is not the main task. What you write about is the main task. You can write a 10-page paper in 2-3 hours. However, you need to have enough information to organize it in writing. So, conducting research is the main aspect of completing a long academic paper without stress.  Once you receive a task to write a 10-page long paper, conduct research. Collect as much appropriate information as necessary.
  • Plan! Planning and staying organized is key to avoiding stress. If you do not want to mess up with writing a paper in the last minute, make a plan. You can create a timeline table and write your tasks down in a step-by-step order. If you stick to a plan and complete the necessary tasks on time, there will be no reason to get stressed.
  • To be disciplined is one of the most important recommendations for all students. Promise yourself that today you are going to complete three papers and are not going to let yourself down. If you have a really short deadline and have to complete a paper in the last minute (graduate students know what it is like to complete serious academic papers overnight) then just be disciplined and do not distract yourself from working on a task.
  • Actually, a good piece of advice is to forget about checking your Facebook or Instagram profile, etc. which usually kills a lot of time without you noticing it. However, having a few 10-15 minute breaks between writing stages for having a tea and snack or breathing fresh air and walking a bit will help your brain to relax and become efficient again.

Where to Start from?

Completing a ten-page paper forces you to think: “Where to start from?” Once you have conducted research and gathered all the necessary information to start writing, the first thing to do is to come up with a thesis statement.

Usually, an argument is one maximum two sentences that state a specific idea. Once you created a thesis, write it down and stick to the main idea of the paper. It should figure throughout the whole paper. To make it clear, you have to prove it by giving all possible evidence to show that your topic matters and that your thesis is correct.

If you still worry about writing a ten-page paper, then divide it into three parts. Start with the introduction where you present your topic, an argument, and state why you decided to write its interpretation. The biggest part of a paper is the body. It should take around 15-18 paragraphs. This is the part of writing where you have to provide as much evidence for your main idea as possible. Discuss the case and oppose it. Finally, the last part of the paper is a conclusion. State your argument again and prove its importance.

Writing a big paper sounds scary, but if you follow the above-mentioned recommendations, you can achieve a great result and see yourself that composing a ten-page paper was not as tough as you imagined.

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