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Impress Your Future Landlord By Taking Care Of These Four Things

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When you are looking for a good rental property, you do not just evaluate the rental site, but you also see if the landlords are a good match for you or not. Just like this, the landlords also size up your potential of being a reliable tenant. You can do so by doing ample research, such as by searching for a Rent house in seskinore.

Where proper documentation is an important factor in the application process, there are certain characteristics required in the tenant that become the reason for fast approval. 

In this article, we will discuss the things or characteristics that landlords look for in prospective tenants. 



Most landlords find it important to evaluate the employment status of the prospective tenants to see if they are financially stable and can pay the rent on time. They basically want to check the patterns of the income to see if you have a reliable source of income. Some landlords want their tenants to be able to earn double or triple of the year’s rental amount.

Most of the times you can even persuade your employers to send a recommendation letter to your landlords to ensure them of your financial stability. 

Criminal Record

Criminal convictions of the prospective tenants usually discourage landlords from renting their property to such individuals. However, the arrest that did not lead to convictions is typically not a basis on which landlords deny. But, many landlords want renters to be free of any past criminal activity. 

Appearance and Attitude

The credit score is undoubtedly a factor that makes or breaks the chances of your rental application approval but the first thing your prospective landlord is going to see is your appearance and attitude. If you fail to create a good impression on the landlord, even a good credit score will lead you nowhere. 

The key to maintaining a good demeanor is having a professional behavior. You can wear a polite smile while meeting with your prospective landlord, followed by a firm handshake if you get more friendly vibes from them. Maintain good eye contact but not too intense that could give you off as someone dominating. 

The people to house ratio

Many landlords would want to know how many members will be moving into the house to see if the size of the rental property is enough to accommodate them. Many landlords prefer two persons per bedroom so if the rental property has two bedrooms, they would allow only four members in the house. 

If you are a family, they would want to know how many kids are there in the family because some landlords do not allow many kids in fear of wear and tear of their property. Be clear and honest on this, because if you lie to your landlords then you would increase the chances of getting evicted which will damage your profile for future rental applications. 

These were the most common things a landlord looks for in his potential tenants. If you think you possess all of the right traits of being a good tenant then Find Houses for Rent on FirstKey Homes. 

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