Sunday, November 28, 2021

India Lacking Behind In Human Capital Index.

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The over population of the country and the corruption based management is definitely taking a toll on the quality now. Being the 2nd largest population, India should have been taking over the world by now. But I guess the saying is true that Quality matters more than Quantity.


Human Capital Index measures countries’ ability to nurture, develop and deploy talent for economic growth and India is ranked 105 out of 130 countries. Who is topping? Well, it’s Finland.

But hey, I guess most of the people are still satisfies because Pakistan is ranked 118. (Yes. Beat them again). Duh?



WEF said the country had optimized just 57% of its human capital endowment. Although the countries educational attainment has increased for all age groups. The literacy rate still lies at 90% that is 103rd in the world. “India also ranks poorly on labor force participation, due in part to one of the world’s largest employment gender gaps (121st).”


Our neighboring countries are doing better here with Bangladesh Bhutan and Sri Lanka being placed higher in the index. Among BRICS countries, India is ranked lowest as against Russia’s 28th, China’s 71st, Brazil’s 83rd and South Africa’s 88th.


The report also showed that India had the largest share in the “global distribution of tertiary degree holders” at nearly 78 million. On global distribution of recent graduates in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) India landed second after China at about 2.5 million.



Something good something bad, parents dream of “beta engineer aur beti doctor banegi” has brought the country on 2nd rank in graduates of STEM subjects, but overall development is still lacking. Buck up people. Buck Up.

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