Indian Education System? Does it Require a change?


Every second Indian wants to be an engineer in today’s world, or every third Indian wants to be a doctor. Where is the place for artistic careers in India? Who is to be blamed? Our mindset or the people who have developed this mindset? Our parents or the education system in India?

Why are we so behind this handful of money showered over us by MNCs? Students work so hard to get that piece of A4 size sheet which is sadly called a degree, and I call it a letter of restriction. Does a degree really help us? Apart from getting us into that tiny molecule-like packed cubicles shared by three other suppressed people like you who worked as hard as Napoleon for that degree!indian education system Indian Education System 

Being a rationalist and a suppressed youngster, I sometimes wonder how a degree is helpful to begin with? A doctor probably won’t even remember the portions he had to study in high school. What makes a doctor a good doctor? It is his experience that makes him a good doctor. Why is it that doctors with a mere MBBS degree are not involved in surgeries? It’s because a college doesn’t teach its students to excel in the things they need to do for the rest of their lives.

Let’s look at an Electrical Engineer and a local Electrician like at Elektriker Bergen – BELVA. An Electrician will surely solve more problems than an Engineer (9/10 times, it is true :P). Because he has the experience, but due to an A4 size sheet, an Engineer is given more respect. Degrees define us, and that is a sad truth. This has to change.


Why do schools fail to get the best out of a child? It’s because our educational system has no place for talent. Talent is a child scoring 99% on boards, and still, they get asked, ” How did you lose the 1%?”. Parents want their children to have a bright and secure future, and according to them, only doctors and engineers have bright and fulfilling lives.

We, as Indian students, are only offered two job choices by our family and our teachers. Yes, this is the reality of our beloved Indian Education System! Saudi women get more choices than Indian students. Schools and the system want us to write a million trial exams to ace those public examinations that portray fake rules and strictness when they are actually as brittle as the graphite in pencil. You can only sharpen them but cannot shape them. Everything is bluntly accepted here, from cheating to faking marks, but still, we respect the Indian education system. They have been involved in every education-based shenanigans. Trust me.Stressed students

Let me quote a few examples. In 2012, a Google intern hacked into the website of ICSE and went through every result on the website. He prepared graphs for every subject and analyzed every result. He could only derive one conclusion. ICSE DUBS MARKS. All the ICSE students out there, don’t rejoice over your result but weep over it because you have got what you don’t deserve. 93 different numbers have never been achieved by anyone in ICSE, which is highly unlikely. I say, what is the point in training students so hard when you have to mark them the way you want? And I have seen parents and students raising their shoulders and pride because they study in an ICSE school. (LOL)

P.S: CBSE students, don’t rejoice because your board is sailing in the same boat.

We focus so much on marks that we fail to create a life for ourselves. Why have we failed to deliver a Mark Zuckerberg or a Bill Gates or a Jobs? We have around two billion people, but we have very few talented creators. We failed to produce 15 proper footballers. So we definitely can’t expect to produce great personalities. We will always delight in our rich history and ancestors but fail to create history ourselves.

I urge the youth out there to believe in creation and excellence. Don’t run after money. Money is like the rate of petrol, keeps changing over time. Believe in excellence. Excel to succeed. Remember, success is to money as to how love is to lust. Encourage entrepreneurship among your peers, be your own boss. Excel in your talents. Love rap? Be the Dr. Dre of India and create prodigies like Eminem, and make sure that you love what you do. Care little about the world because the same world will fall at your feet when you control it.

Win hearts, not money.

Love life

Remember, talent once wasted can never be regained again.

P.S: Share it with as many teachers and parents as you know.




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