A student who never scored below 90 in Science is unable to explain why sweating causes cooling!

How foolish this example sounds but then how true it is for Indian students and the Indian Education system.

India is a developing country, and it is currently in a phase from becoming a developed nation to a present developing one. And Education is the root of that development. But is the education provided in India enough for Indians to be called developed?

Here, education is more about theoretical knowledge than practical knowledge. A student is expected to memorize everything he reads rather than understand what he is reading. One is made to learn the inventions that great scientists did in their lifespan. But then what is the use of learning about those inventions in our present life? I guess no use at all.

Nobody in India discusses new ideas, new technologies, new machines, new paths to reach a specific goal. Because everybody here is so busy following the same old league: Memorize everything, get marks, get admission in a decent college and then finally a job and that’s it. Destination reached! No creative mind wants to stay in India. The reason is The Indian Education System.

Education: Money making business

These days, education is no more for the welfare of folks of the country but the personal welfare of the owner. The teaching profession, which was one of the most reputed and respectable jobs, has lost its charm. Teachers are now more focused on the salary they get and nothing else. They hardly care whether the students in their class is understanding anything or not. All they care for is the money they get in their pocket.

Same old syllabus

One hardly sees any change in the syllabus of any board, be it CBSE or ICSE. The same chapters in Maths and Science continue for years and years. No innovations are discussed in classes because teachers are so busy completing the syllabus, and students get busy coping with the syllabus and finishing off their “assignments.

The luck factor in scoring good marks

Ideally, we are taught that hard work and dedication are the keys to success. But this doesn’t really hold in real life. One thing you need more than these is LUCK! Two students of the same IQ put the same effort into their board exams, but one scores a better percentage than the other. Their marks are determined from sheer luck and depending on the person marking their sheets, and this is because there is no specific pattern for grading these papers. The worse thing is that: In the guide of rules and regulations, they always mention the transparency of board checking, but in practice, it’s all vague.

Reservations and Quotas

Two students studying in the same class under the same faculty and getting all the equal facilities still have variation in their aimed marks to get into the same college. Confused? Don’t be, because this is what happens these days. All thanks to reservations. A student belonging to SC/ST needs 30 marks to crack JEE MAIN, whereas a general category student needs 120 marks. How unfair is that! Just because a student is born in a particular family with a particular background shouldn’t make his life pathway easier than others.

  I am not against the reservation policy because it is to uplift that backward class of our society which one can do only by giving them reservations in education. But then ponder on a thought, why give reservations based on caste? Give students the reservations based on their family’s annual income and based on the facilities they get, not on the surname they have.


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