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Indian Philosophy – An Endless Search

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Indian Philosophy

Indians think freely and live in structured ways.

Philosophy deals with various philosophical thoughts. Different philosophical beliefs are attributed to the varied perception of people.

Like Socrates, Plato, and many others, we too had many scholars thinkers who tried to find answers to many questions.

“Indian philosophy is the art of ambiguity and paradox in terms of language. But, it asserts knowledge of reality through direct experience”.

 Indian philosophy, Darshana in Sanskrit, has its origin in the Indian sub-continent. We can say it is diverse, and it includes various philosophies like Nyaya, Jain, Buddhism etc..

Philosophical questions are much more profound than any technological questions. This is why different systems came into existence in INDIA. We can broadly classify them into two: Heterodox and Orthodox.

Indian Philosophical Traditions have a trace of their origin in VEDAS.

Orthodox societies believe Vedas are the only source of knowledge, and they are under that authority. They strictly obey the concept of Karma and Dharma. This includes Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Visesika, Purva Vimamsa and Utara Vimamsa. They can be called Astikas.

The Holy Vedas

Heterodox systems include Charvakas, Jainism and Buddhism. They accept that Vedas exist as sources of knowledge. But they don’t follow them. Their conception is a bit more different. For example, Charvakas thought that.


They tried to enjoy every part of their life. These people can be called Nastikas.

The primary schools of Indian Philosophy were formulated between 1000 BC to recent centuries. Competition and integration among them were intense from 800 BC to 200 AD.

Though there were many different systems in Indian Philosophy, We were similar in one particular thing. That is about the questions raised, Which included  the basic existential questions like:

  1. What and Who am I?
  2. What is the ultimate reality?
  3.  How the world came into existence?
Who Am I?
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All the systems of Indian Philosophy tried to answer these fundamental questions.


The body is considered one of the most incredible instruments of the Indian Philosophical journey, both Wordily and spiritually.


We can say

“Indian Philosophy is characterized by a Fundamental unity of knowing about oneself”.

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