Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Indians = Foodie

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Talk about food and the spirit of the foodie Joey from FRIENDS enters the soul of every Indian. Hunger being the reason or just pure hobby, Food and Hunger always go together. No, don’t bring in the Italians, give them a plate of spicy butter chicken and they will be sitting in the washroom for days. On the other hand, provide an Indian with a plate of Pasta and they will cherish it for life.


Food and Indian tradition goes long back. The family that eats together stays together is the age old saying and families believe it to be true. Its in the dining table that memories are created and differences are debated on. An Indian mom would never let you leave the house without eating in the morning and never let you sleep in peace till you’ve had at least a chappati for her satisfaction.


Out on a tour? Go to a different city or state and we find a whole range of new recipes and finger licking food. Be it any occasion, food is the main thing. Even when fasting, a certain kind of food is permissible. And the best part is when at night the most delicious food is served and the family feasts together. Someone died? Wait for the 13th day when the dead is remembered with the deceased favorite food.

Its not only Indian food that we gorge on. Be it Chinese or Thai or Italian, we have a taste for all. Whether it is the freshly cooked vegetables just brought in the morning or the chat-pata street food that is always amazing or the fancy food in a restaurant, Indians can have it all.

Here is a list of why Indians are the ultimate foodie:

  1. We are immune to spices, so we can totally go for a spicy dish without falling sick. Street food? Bring it on…
  2. We have innumerable variety of food with innumerable tastes every few kilometers or so. The lucky one tastes all of them in one life.
  3. Every occasion means Food, so we have a great appetite.
  4. We can turn the dullest of foods into something interesting with a pinch of spices and Desi Ghee. Who says cooking is difficult?
  5. We love to eat and make others eat. So Food it is always.



So go out there my foodie mates and try out every nook and corner of your city, your neighbor’s city and all the other city’s. Do share it with your mates, so that we don’t miss out on the amazing food stuff.

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