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Is Highlands NC A Privileged Place To Live?

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Are you planning to live in Highlands NC? You have come to the right place my friend, here you will get all the information about the privileges available in Highlands NC.

Highlands was founded in 1875 by Samuel Truman Kelsey and Clinton Carter Hutchinson. It is an incorporated town in Macon country. Highlands is a two-season community- a summer season community and evergrowing summer season community.

There is one public school in the town and one public library, Hudson Library. There are many scenic mountains, unpolluted watersheds and the small town is located in the middle of Nantahala National Forest. According to the census in 2010 the permanent population of Highlands NC is 924.

highlands nc
Highlands North Carolina

Facts For Basic Livelihood Of Highlands NC

1. Demographics

As per the census of 2000, there have been 909 folks and 445 households within the city of Highlands North Carolina. The median age was fifty-one years; for each a hundred females, there have been 91.4 males. For each a 100 females age 18 and over, there have been 84.5 males.

Also, males have a median financial gain of 31964 bucks and females have 20662 bucks. About 7.5 per cent of the population is below the poverty level. People who are beneath aged are of unit 2.2 per cent and people who are of 65 years or over are of unit 13.5 per cent.

2. Climate

North geographical area contains a semitropic highland climate and also the temperature below the remainder of the elements of America. The temperature of winter evenings are typically terribly chilled, and land units are lined with snowfalls. It is a little city with chilled summers and plethoric precipitation that is regarding 2224mm p.a.

3. Education

Highlands school- A public establishment placed within the town and supported by the community. It is amongst the foremost popular faculty.                                                                                                                                                             Blue Ridge School- It is conjointly a public faculty; however, is that the smallest faculty within the district. There are about four public faculty in Highlands NC that are supported by completely different communities.

There are solely four styles of universities among them two area unit are public, and also the rest unit is personal.

The Western Carolina university- It is a neighbourhood of North Carolina university, and its main objective was to relinquish the folks a top-quality education. It had been supported within the year 1889 by Robert Lee Madison. It has an outsized field of about 73000km square measure. It had been one amongst the oldest university/ college in highlands, NC.                                                                                                                                                                                Brevard college- It is the private university and could be a church-affiliated establishment giving institution offering quality education in theoretical and applied humanities.

There is conjointly a public library referred to as the Hudson library. It is conjointly a neighbourhood of Fontana regional library that conjointly serves countries like Swain, Jackson and Macon. In fact, the Hudson library also established the Bascom visual arts centre within the year 2009.

highlands nc
Classrooms in Highlands school

4. Health

There is only one hospital within the whole district with all the facilities obtainable here. The labs and x-ray, weekly checkups, polygenic disorder education, behavioural health, etc. are all obtainable here.

Its name is Highlands-Cashiers hospital. There is also a medical clinic held each weekday from 4 pm to 9 pm. It serves the Macon, Jackson and different other close countries. It is a community hospital placed in the town.

highlands nc
A still from the hospital.

5. Economy

Highlands has an associate percentage of 42 per cent however its seen its employment to extend by 1 per cent over the last year. Within the next ten years, it is foretold to be accrued by 30.4 per cent. It has an associate tax rate of 5.5 per cent.

Highlands NC contains a post office with a zip code of 28741. All the telephone ranges served by the city 526 or 482 with a seven-digit number. In fact, it also offers DSL high-speed web to voters.

6. Job opportunities

There is less type of jobs in highlands NC; however, the roles that are obtainable and are quite attention-grabbing and competitive. The jobs of the tutor of various subjects, cans transporter, medical secretary, personal drivers are freshly obtainable. Alternative jobs are an instructional authority in universities, house-servant, security manager, freelance delivery driver, etc.

These jobs are vacant for the people who can work effortlessly for 6 to 7 hours. All of them have the beginning age of 21 years with around 2000 bucks of beginning remuneration.

7. Art and Culture

highlands nc
Stage of the theatre

It has an outstanding venue for theatre, native musical acts, etc. named The Martin Lipscomb Performing Arts. The Highlands-Cashiers Chamber Music Festival has brought over 255 performances to the Macon Country space. It is the world’s greatest music carnival wherever internationally acknowledged performers, the cool mountains, fine feeding and art, theatre and film, golf, shopping.

Hiking- The nature and hiking trails around Highlands. With Highlands being home to various waterfalls, abundant hiking trails heading to these falls. Hiking through the mountains of Whiteside and totally different varieties of mountains within the city.

Fishing- Fishing is out there at Harris Lake, Cliffside Lake and different neighbouring lakes within the city. There are various streams for fishing like Cullsaja river and the Chattooga River.

highlands nc
Glens waterfall

8. Tourism

There’s a wide variety of places where tourists gather in highlands NC. The town is a bit metropolis but with lots of natural beauty and various tourist places for over the year. There are waterfalls. There are fun activities, great restaurants, mountains and whatnot.

There are plenty of places to explore and to experience beauty. By the way, do you like exploring waterfalls? There are plenty of waterfalls which you can explore, some of them can be seen from the roads, and the other has to hike through the trails and rocky forests.

a. Dry Falls

Dry falls is a waterfall with an 80-foot drop through the Nantahala national forest. It is estimated that the width of the falls is five times the Niagara falls and with ten times the flow of rivers around the world. It has an elevation of 1510 feet.

The ice sheet of Columbia can be seen from the cliff of Dry falls. Its total width is of about 5.63 km.

b. Cullasaja falls

Cullasaja comes from Cherokee, which means honey locust place. Cullasaja is located on Cullasaja river in Nantahala National forest. Its height is about 200 feet. Fun activities like swimming and rappelling take place here.

highlands nc
Cullasaja falls

c. Highlands Botanical Gardens

It is a public garden which showcases the diverse flora of the southern Appalachians. It is a 24 acres large biological station including a 12-acre large garden. It was established in 1962 as an exhibit garden which consists of more innumerable species of ferns, bushes, Moses, wildflowers, forests, etc.

It is a multi-campus centre of Western Carolina University. There are also snapping turtles along the dam and also the frogs attract the visitors a lot. There are several kinds of pitcher plants like the yellow pitcher plant, sweet pitcher plant and the purple pitcher plant.

highlands nc
Botanical gardens

d. The Bascom A Centre for the visual arts

It is a place which provides a collection of exciting experiences in the visual arts for visitors. It was discovered by artists Watson and Louise Bascom in 1983. It’s a dynamic 30000 square foot buildings centre which proposes a diversity of institutional application for people of all age groups.

It is a place where different kinds of art and craft are portrayed like pottery, poem writing, painting, etc. People who love art and have a passion for it are satisfied to visit here. It offers more than 60 classes and workshops between June to October.

e. Highlands Playhouse

It is a long-running community playhouse and theatre. Its a place for performing arts. It produces different kinds of theatre plays, broadway musicals in summer and other events also.

During the years of world war II, there has been a season of plays at the Highlands Playhouse. In fact, first-run movies are displayed here. It was built completely as an auditorium in the year of 1031 for the Highlands school.

f. Whiteside Mountains

It is a large mountain in the Jackson country. It has an elevation of about 4930 feet. A moderately strenuous half-mile hiking trail can reach the Pisgah national forest from its peak. Hiking, walking, nature trips and birding is allowed on the trail, which is 1.9 miles long.

Cullasaja Falls is about 250 feet high and is a part of this amazing mountain. It can boast the highest peak in Eastern North America.

highlands nc
Whiteside mountains

g. Bridal Veil falls

It is a 45 feet high waterfall going through in the Nantahala national forest. Its located on the of U.S. Highway 64 and also about 3.7 km northwest of town. It flows on a tributary of the Cullsaja river through the forest.

Even during the time of drought, the stream may dry up but the water flow is that much that people often get wet. There is also a parking area present on highway 64 so that people could stop and watch the beauty of the falls.

Exploring The Places To Have Food In Highlands NC

A. Bridge at mill creek:

It is one of the most recommended restaurants in the city. It is clean and performs highly sanitary habits which are commendable during pandemic situations. Mostly the people of this place enjoyed having the meatballs, chicken salad wrap, ravioli.

highlands nc
The food at the Bridge at mill creek

b) Wild Thyme gourmet:

A broad variety of food and wine is out there here. Appetizing food with great quality and quantity and add the gorgeous ambience is what everyone seems to be keen on, and this restaurant serves all these together. Services is additionally clean, and sanitation is sorted.

c) Madison’s Restaurant and Wine Garden

This is a place with a spread of cuisines and delicious food. It is opened from 11 am to 9 pm. Everyone seems to be ideally progressing to this place for its quality, ambience, sanitation and services.

In the middle of Highlands NC, there is an Old Edwards Inn and Spa, and historic resort giving the complete European service.


Franklin road and most of the Main Street carry US 64 west which is an east-west US highway that runs for 3743 kilometres. US Highway 64 serves as a gateway to the outer break, ending at Nags Head wherever it meets U.S. Highway 158 and NC 12.

Cherokee transit is otherwise to travel within the town of Highlands NC. It is affordable and is quite punctual, and folks are pleased with good services. There is no public transportation within the city. The closest municipal airport in Macon Country Airport.

highlands nc
US Highway 64

Besides the Whiteside mountains, there are many other places wherever folks choose hiking and trekking to shoot their experiences and the beauty just like the Sunset rocks, Chinquapin mountain, Chattooga loop trail and plenty of others. Folks who want to explore the tourist places in Highlands NC and wish to observe the beauty of the mountains and waterfall can watch this video and guarantee their decision to live in Highlands NC.

For those tourists who are really interested in exploring more beaches, forest and beautiful museums in the United States can click here. The places like Miami and Highlands NC have a lot to explore. There are flora, fauna, multiple cuisine restaurants, mountains, lakes, beaches and seriously whatnot.

Tourism is an all-time earning sector in these places because of its natural beauty. Not only the places attract tourism, but also the restaurants and their cuisine took people’s heart and to explore them you can click here. In my opinion, if you plan to live or settle down in a place like this, it is a great decision for you, unpolluted, pure air and water and natural surroundings.

Your health would be improved on daily jogging or the hiking or trekking through these mountains and trails. Why people always think of going here and there in such a hurry, why don’t they try to stop at that moment and just feel it? Even I know a lot of people who even after taking a break, will say that they are tired.

The folks in highland provide their family the time they require to relinquish, and they shut their retailers by 6 pm sharp. Highlands could be a fun place for everybody. There are recreational sites, looking places, feeding places, mountains, waterfalls, visual arts, churches, lodging and luxury sites. Once you visit this place, you will not be able to forget this place.

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