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Is Thinkific Better Than Teachable?

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With a myriad of options for online platforms that enables you to build your brand for creating and selling digital courses, Thinkific and Teachable are two of the most prominent course platforms to choose from. While both platforms offer robust solutions at a reasonable price, which one is better and recommended by course creators who’ve tried their service? 

These two platforms are similar that for most course creators, choosing between them is a challenge. However, it’s best to check with first-hand experiences from course creators, like you, to find the right answer with the factors given. The guy from Freedom Bound Business understands this dilemma and provides us with what he thought of the platform after using it for a while to help us decide which one is ideal for our business to grow, improve branding, and sell courses effectively.

Is Thinkific Better Than Teachable? 1 Is Thinkific Better Than Teachable? 2

Which One Is Better: Teachable or Thinkific?

While Thinkific and Teachable are two popular digital platforms, one thing that sets Thinkific ahead of the game is added features. Thinkific offers customization tools and better website design for your courses online. On the other hand, Teachable is known to provide better marketing and sales features. 

These two hosting platforms enable you to build and sell digital courses using your site. That way, you can instantly upload every content type to help your courses look even more professional. It includes course structure, quizzes, videos, secure course content, professional content delivery, acquires payments online, and improves student engagements. 

What’s exciting and beneficial about these platforms is that they don’t require technical skills in building your course or brand. They have technical specialists to help you deal with all technical issues, including hosting, maintenance, updates, and security. 

The fundamental idea is to provide a solution with a platform that’s easy to use, allows you to get started fast, and focus on creating or selling your courses online. 

As everyone turns to create courses and plans to market them, not everyone succeeds. Digital programs are setting the new norm for products sold online and will continue to dominate in the years to come. Choosing the right platform is one of the core to succeed, but why digital programs are such a phenomenal investment? 

  • It automates lead generation

  • It helps build and established brand awareness

  • It allows you to train teams on your behalf through automation

  • It enhances sales funnel effectiveness

  • It’s an effective way to make a passive income


Is Thinkific ‘Really’ Good?

Is Thinkific Better Than Teachable? 2

Thinkific is an all in one platform for every course creator. It’s a high-powered digital course creation and marketing platform with the right features like SSL certificate, hosting solutions, or domain names that offer full control of how your content will be accessible to your students. 


Thinkific offers a free plan that allows you to create up to three digital courses, an unlimited number of students, content hosting, surveys and quizzes, and quick access to your earnings. 


Here’ a quick rundown of Thinkific features: 


  • Expeditious customization features allow you to build your brand or match your brand with the course you offer.

  • Instant support and upload for text, videos, discussions, Google Docs, quizzes, etc.

  • It allows you to add downloads on all shown courses and support both hidden and private courses

  • It provides a prerequisite course for people who want to check the class before signing up.

  • Drip content, comprehensive building tools for membership websites

  • Integrations to third-party apps, email marketing, data tracking, or multiple instructor options.

  • Drag & drop user interface and page builder

  • Affiliate marketing tools

  • Multiple payment options

  • Domain name customization, promotions, and coupons



What’s Best About Teachable?


Teachable is another course platform that offers excellent features at a reasonable price like Thinkific. However, there are reasons why Teachable is widely used by most course creators too. Here’s what to expect with this digital solution. 


  • It allows you to include diverse media selections such as videos, PDF files, and audios.

  • It will enable you to import all media from Dropbox, Google Docs, and OneDrive.

  • It allows you to build or create a whole website or integrate an existing website into the platform

  • Drag & drop page builder for convenience with templates to help you get along easily

  • Advanced customization through side code access. 

  • It helps improve conversion rate through landing page sales, email marketing integrations, coupons, promotions, and built-in affiliate sales program

  • It allows you to connect personal domain into the site and supports a myriad of languages

  • Student list segmentation, completion certificates, quizzes, evaluation, and student rewards

  • Discussion forum which allows students to interact or asked queries 

  • Multiple payment options supported





Whether you go after Thinkific or Teachable, keep in mind that there are no wrong or right choices. There’s no one size fits all for everyone’s needs. One may agree that Thinkific is by far the best platform for online courses, while another one will disagree with the idea. It’s about finding the right solution that works best for your preference, needs, and how to market effectively and protect your courses online. 


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