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Motivation comes from Experiences: Kartikeya Ladha

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An author who is well thought of in the field of writing. Kartikeya Ladha is renowned for his tremendous work “Dream Beyond Shadows”. The one who believes in creativity and exploring things by his own experience. Kartikeya Ladha is quite different from other folks, maybe because of his adventurous way of writing.

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Travelling And Writing Are Extremely Engrossing

Kartikeya Ladha was staying in the United States and decided to leave the United States to explore something new in life and renew his energy level. Later he spent some time in South America. He loves traveling and learning new things.

Kartikeya Ladha’s travel journeys contributed to his writing career. Being inspired by his travel diaries, Kartikeya Ladha started writing his first book. It all grew from his love for traveling that made him an outstanding writer with an incredible talent for writing.

The author also took a walk of 1100 kilometers just for inspiration for his second book. To write his second book the author proved himself by walking miles together without a fail, on foot. His love for writing and traveling comes as an astounding combination of relish for him.

Feeling Strongly About The Story Would Make A Good Story

Kartikeya Ladha has always felt that the genuineness of the story comes from feelings. It depends on whoever the author is, and how genuine he feels about the story.

“The genuineness of the story comes from the author himself. The author should be convinced by the story to be written. You should pen down something that you feel strongly about. If you are not convinced by the story, then you won’t be able to tell the story to others with heart and passion.”

Kartikeya Ladha believes that everyone needs to be moved by the story, in order to make it a better version of something. The most vital part of any story is that it should directly come from one’s heart. It’s cool if a story comes from the mind, but stories from hearts are more capable of reaching the heights.

As a story from the heart is more engrossing to read and everyone reading it is able to connect with it.

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Motivation Comes From Experiences

For Kartikeya Ladha, motivation comes from experiences. He feels that books can be the source of motivation, but real motivation comes from real-life experiences. Knowledge and understanding are some basic pillars of motivation.

“The more you learn and explore in your life, the more it will help you get motivated. If you feel like doing something, then you will, no doubt, go beyond the sky in order to achieve what you want.” Kartikeya Ladha always believes in going on in life, no matter how tough the paths get.

“Keep writing, if you bring success or not because at some point in time you will see success in your hand. Writing is an astounding craft, and you can never get over new things coming in the field of writing.”

Kartikeya Ladha believes that writing will also help you comprehend yourself in a better manner. Everyone should write for deepening their perspective about life and themselves. Writing is such a beautiful craft that will help in clearing their chaotic minds.

Kartikeya Ladha looks up to folks who show enough plucky attitude in order to do something beyond the limits. “Anybody who can be unflinching all the time and trying to do something new would anyways inspire people.”

Kartikeya Ladha has always admired many great leaders, who have shown people how important it is to show humanity. People that have experienced so many hardships and still showed courage would never fail to inspire someone.

For Kartikeya Ladha, entering into the writing field is similar to the vastness of the ocean. Writing is such a tremendous craft that has no limits and constraints.

“You can express what you feel anytime through your writing skills. Every writer should feel as if they have stepped inside an ocean and are swimming in it. The ocean is so vast that you won’t be able to find any beginning or endings inside. Just like an ocean, the field of writing is also very vast and endless to determine where you start from and where you’ll end up at.”

A Journey is Always Going To Be Full Of Ups And Downs

Kartikeya Ladha understands that everyone’s journey is filled with ups and downs. People who are successful have gone through many obstacles and have also embraced success simultaneously. Difficult phases are a part of happy lives. You can’t expect a life without any troubles or hard times.

Similarly, a life without happy moments and a smile are not possible either. The key is to remember that, it’s how life actually works. A perfect balance of good and bad times is the basic working structure of life. You need to understand the concept that life would be full of surprises both in good and bad ways.

“All you can do is, embrace the beauty of every phase that comes in your life. The pain, suffering, happiness, and struggles are the basic surprises of life. The strength to keep going on without pausing for once would be the best way to deal with both ups and downs in your life.”

There Is Always a Bright Side

Kartikeya Ladha has faced a lot of problems in the beginning, but he never lost hope to become who he is right now. His first book came in 2018 which was a big hit. Initially, he faced some problems in publishing his book, but eventually, he managed to get his book published.

All this happened because Kartikeya Ladha believes in “Keep walking”, overcoming all the challenges. For him, the only way to overcome any challenge is to not pay attention to it, and rather embrace it. Kartikeya Ladha is a very positive and inspiring person.

He believes in finding a bright side in situations rather than crying in the unwelcoming phases of your life. “You can always look for something that will encourage you, as there are many ways you can choose to pull off heights.”

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Keep On Writing And Find Your Own Voice

Kartikeya Ladha deeply believes that finding your own voice is vital for writing a good story. You can’t just keep on trusting things that you heard from someone else. “If you start writing your own voice (story), then it will come out as a real and interesting story.”

Kartikeya Ladha thinks that such stories would rarely bring any trouble for getting published, as they would be appreciated by people. Kartikeya Ladha is a man filled with positive vibes, and willing to explore more in his life.

The true sign of simplicity, kindness, and adventure comes as a name i.e. Kartikeya Ladha. He is a brilliant writer with a unique take on life and a voice of his own.

Check out his book “Dream Beyond Shadows

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