Tuesday, January 25, 2022

KFC China Rolls Out Pink And Black Sandwiches

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KFC, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains rolled out two amazingly eye-catching sandwiches in order to improve their sales which has been taking a hit. These sandwiches will be available in pink and black! They have been branded the names Rose Cheese Chicken Leg Burger and the Black Diamond Bacon Spicy Chicken Leg Burger.

The Rosy Cheese Burger comes with a pink bun that has cotton candy like color and texture and cheese stuffing inside, while the Black Diamond burger is made from a special bean based bun that’s black in color. KFC’s sales dropped for the first time since their entry to the Chinese market, by a staggering 10% in the last quarter. However, this is not the first time KFC has brought out some quirky dishes on their menu. They have been known for creating some unusual dishes like tortilla wraps with rice congee which cater to the unusual palates of clients.

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