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Stunning Tulip Fields Holland Locations

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The country of Netherlands, or Holland as people often refer to it, is home to some of the most gorgeous sites, like the tulip fields Holland, and many more beautiful wonders that’ll leave you awestruck. The tulip fields Holland, especially get their fame because they are adorned with gorgeous tulips in a myriad of colors, and thus make for a very picturesque sight.

History of Tulip Fields Holland

The tulips that are in the Noord Holland region were first planted in Europe way back in 1554. They were brought here from Istanbul and planted in the tulip fields Holland and increased the beauty of the region. This region is also home to some of the oldest known Dutch windmills.

tulip fields Holland

These tulip bulbs took over and in no time became a status symbol to the wealthy merchants of the Dutch and the elites. This led to an increase in their value and significance. The value became so high at a point that the price of a single flower bulb surpassed and became ten times the annual salary of a craftsman in the region!

Tulip Mania emerged from this madness, which like all things must, met its collapse in 1637. Tulip Fever, a Hollywood film based upon this time, is a beautiful representation of the Dutch culture of the time and takes you through the tulip fields Holland.

The Tulip Flower Fields and The Peak Seasons

The tulip fields Holland bloom bright and lovely primarily around the spring and summer times. Across the country, the tulip season is varied but in a general timeframe. Primarily, the first full bloom appears around April and lasts till May.

tulip fields Holland

Tulips and other flowers like the hyacinths, daffodils, and crocus are also key to the flower fields of Holland. In some regions like the Lisse, the bloom starts early in the middle of March and turns the fields into color laden pieces of beauty. If you for sure don’t want to miss out on the tulip fields Holland, your safest bet can be mid-April. In the entire country with regions like Noordwiik, Keukenhof, Noord Holland, and others April is a big blooming season.

The nation, in spring, feels like it’s draped over by a beautiful blanket of colors. With the pleasant spring weather and beauty that flourishes, spring can be an amazing time to visit the Netherlands.

Places to See Tulip fields At


The Flevoland province homes most of the tulip fields Holland, in the region of Noordoostpolder. Flevoland is also where the famous Tulip Route is located around the beautiful towns of Dronten, Lelystad, and Zeewolde.

tulip fields Holland

In Flevoland itself, besides the fertile tulip farms, there’s an exquisite tulip island too. The island can be navigated to from Zeewolde’s coast and had about 150000 tulip bulbs planted one season. Several water transport facilities are available here through the Wolderwiid bordering lake, alongside recreational activities that include water sports.

Leiden, Hague and Haarlem

The coast of the country is enriched with moist, fertile soils that aid in the growth of the tulip fields. The town of Leiden, Hague, and Haarlem bind together in a scenic and awe-inspiring coastal road that is home to the precious and beautiful tulips.

tulip fields Holland

While you’re taking a trip to these cities to enjoy the flower fields in their full bloom, you shouldn’t miss out on the true beauty these towns have to offer. Leiden is the hub for the historical heritage with its museums and also because it is the home to the oldest university in the country. Haarlem is the ultimate quaint town of the Netherlands, which will provide you with calming beauty very close to the bustling Amsterdam.

On the routes of the cities, there are smaller towns like Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout where you can bike around and marvel at the bulb fields and the scenic views of Northern Holland.


The tulip fields Holland and Keukenhof may as well be synonymous with each other. Keukenhof, which is among the most extensive flower gardens on the planet, is located in Lisse, a small town in the Netherlands. With over 7 million flowers, this is a land of the Dutch tulips in all their glory.

Visiting Keukenhof should definitely be a part of your itinerary while visiting the Netherlands. This park that literally translates to “Kitchen Garden”, proudly boasts of having acquired the title of the Garden of Europe. Spread over a whopping 79 acres of land, there are 2700 trees and flowers as far as the eye can see.

tulip fields Holland

Along with being one of the most famous tulip fields in the Netherlands, Keukenhof also has hyacinths, daffodils, and many more spring-blooming flowers. Dutch gardening is very famed and artistic overall. Keukenhof displays and honors the centuries-old techniques of Dutch gardening with themes and patterns.

Keukenhof is open from around late March to early May almost every year. Here for your entertainment besides the tulips and its museum, you can find a windmill that’s over 100 years old, a number of eating and drinking spots, and much more for a 17-18 EUR ticket. 

Windmills and Tours

Besides the tulip fields Holland, the Netherlands are also famous for their windmills, especially in the North Holland region. The ancient windmills when accompanied by the gorgeous views of the tulip fields Holland, you can’t help but be left awestruck.

tulip fields Holland

If you want to get the up-close experience of the beauty that are the flower fields, then you can book tours with a local farmer there. They’ll guide you through it, explain everything that you’d like to know, and you can get film worthy shot standing in the middle of the field by a professional photographer that you can book.

Tulip Festival and Flower Parade

The tulip festival is a beautiful way to honor the tulip fields Holland and its lived and celebrated by planting almost 850000 tulips across 85 places throughout the beautiful capital city of Amsterdam.

Traditionally, the Tulip Festival was celebrated to mark the beginning of spring in Holland. There are flower parades organized around this time, and they end up being a major tourist attraction. You can watch the parade from a special grandstand for paying a fee of about 24 EUR. You can take a helicopter tour and view the beauties from above or visit the flower garden of Keukenhof. 

tulip fields Holland

Flower Markets

If the tulip fields Holland, are anything to go by, the flowers of the Netherlands are beautiful and stay on a pretty pedestal. Flower bulb fields can be found in abundance across the nation which have given birth to the Amsterdam Flower Market.

Proclaimed as the only floating flower market in the world, this market has stood the stand of time, built back in the 1860s. Besides the flowers that come from the tulip fields Holland, you can find several other multicolored and varied flowers that include narcissus, geraniums, snowdrops, violets, orchids, and more.

tulip fields Holland

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, the flower market is something you shouldn’t be amiss of. It is quite a rare spectacle and is a sight to behold.


To watch and actually marvel at the tulip fields Holland, there are a few options you can choose from. To absolutely engage in the enthralling experience of gazing at the tulips, biking around is one of the most viable options. Across the country and the region of North Holland, there are millions of bikes.

If you’re looking to visit the Keukenhof in Lisse, you can rent a bike, or there are other options for combined tours. If you’re staying in or traveling from Amsterdam, you can take a bus from Schiphol Airport. For selected buses there, there are combined tours and special deals for entry in the Keukenhof garden.

tulip fields Holland

Depending on the weather, if it is bright and sunny outside, you can rent a bike and enjoy the fields. Biking around will also help you get a closer look at the fields, and you can take a social media-worthy picture, that will remind you of a great memory.

If biking all the way from another city, like Amsterdam, to here doesn’t really sound like the type of thing you’d do, you can just get a bus to the Keukenhof garden. After you’ve reached here, there are some biking places available that’ll help you rent, so you get the experience without too much hassle.

tulip fields Holland

If you’re thinking about doing the same, bike rentals in the region are about 7.5 EUR. Cars are also an option to travel by, but it is not a very viable option. The roads are rather narrow, the traffic can be a little much during peak season, and it is overall just a bit more trouble than its worth.

Keukenhof garden, or specifically Lisse, is about a distance of an hour and 30 minutes if you’re traveling from Amsterdam.

Tulip Fields Holland

If you really love flowers and the impeccable beauty of nature and you can just stare around at well-managed rows of flowers with varied colors, the tulip fields Holland are just the place for you! If you’re in the Netherlands and staying around the regions where the fields are, they’re a definite visit!

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