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Lavender Fields France: 4 Incredible Things to Know!

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Are you wondering about Lavender Fields France? Here is everything you need to know about the stunning Lavender Fields France!

The amazing dusky purple hue spread in the stretched fields of France leave you enchanted. Out of nowhere, you suddenly feel like running in slow motion here, like shown in movies. The land of purple magical beauty is one of the largest lavender oil producers in the world.

And the Lavender fields France deserves this kind of reaction and love from the visitors. Because there are many adjectives that can be used to describe the beauty of these stunning purple lavender fields of Provence.

So, plan a trip to visit Provence, France. And don’t worry, we have sorted everything for you like the places you need to see, the best time to visit Lavender Fields France. Along with all information about the famous Lavender Festival! Let’s explore the Lavender fields of France then!

Lavender Fields France: 4 Incredible Things to Know!

In this lavender field tour guide of France, we will start our journey by exploring the ten best places you should visit where you can learn a lot about lavender farming, oil extraction, and honey-making. Let’s begin with our Lavender fields France expedition!

A. 5 Best Lavender Fields France!

1. The Valensole Plateau Lavender FieldsLavender fields france

Welcome to the most famous Lavender Fields France! The Valesole Plateau is not a single place where you will stop and appreciate the beauty of the lavender fields, but there are lots of places for you to see in this area, like fields of sunflower.

The Plateau has some fantastic blue mountains in the background, lakes, and very picturesque villages that make a perfect landscape. The prime location where most people arrive in the Valensole, and here you can find a church named St. Blaise Church built in the 11th century.

The unique thing about the Valensole Plateau lavender field is that you will find the sunflower frame around the lavender fields, which makes the whole yellow, purple view a scene from a fairytale movie.

And it is considered as one of the most photographed areas in France, that looking at the field, you may recognize it with just a glance.

There are distinct places to roam around in the Provence, like the base of Mont Ventoux, De Senanque, Mezel, Nyons. It is suggested to you to rent a car because walking around and witnessing the lavender farms will not yield the best experience.

If you are looking for some photography guidance, you can read about some tricks here!

2. Sault

lavender fields france

Sault is another stop on the Lavender fields’ expedition in France. This is an ideal village for visiting some of the best lavender fields in France. The best starting point from where you can start visiting Mount Ventoux, Toulourenc Valley, Lure Mountain, and some next beautiful lavender field destination.

Also known as the ‘land of Blue Gold,’ Sault has earned this title with its mesmerizing beauty and stunning purple lavender fields France. Although, when the lavenders are at their full bloom, the place looks like a paradise, its landscape is stunning even during the off-season.

The Sault is located in a village with a forest on the one side and rolling hills on the other side. It is said that the lavender fields here are denser than the areas of Valensole. You can explore the fields here on foot or in the vehicle. It’s up to you.

There are few lovely areas in the Sault like La Bastide des Bourguets which has unique huts in the Lavender Fields France background. You can park your car in the public parking nearby and then enjoy your walk among the purple paradise of France.

3. Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque

lavender fields france

Another one of the most photographed areas of lavender fields France is Senanque Abby. A catholic religious place, which was founded in the year 1148. It’s a great spiritual as well as a historical place to visit when in France.

Because it’s not every day that you see a building almost ten centuries old, but we were on our journey of exploring lavender fields France, and no, we haven’t been lost. Apart from being a religious place, the outer and even inner areas of the Church have lavender fields.

You can witness the Cistercian architectural beauty of the place along with lavender fields France that just enhances the overall beauty of the Provence.

Some rules need to be followed in this beautiful area, as you can take photographs for personal use, but for a photo-shoot with a model, light is forbidden in the church.

If you are wondering that you can take a drone shot here, and then it’s a big no, you don’t want to get yourself in trouble, so just do as said and followed the rules. The monks believe in preserving the beauty of the lavender fields, and hence no entry inside the field is allowed; you can take a look from a distance only.


lavender fields france

Luberon is one of the best places located in the south of France, as it is located on the hilltop. The views are just as majestic as its lavender farms and fields. Visitors say that Luberon looks like a landscape painted by an artist on his canvass out of his imagination. Such is the beauty of this place.

This is one of the most recommended lavender fields France, and the farms are densely present here; apart from lavenders, there are olive groves and wine yards present in this area.

5. Drome

lavender fields france

Drome is located in the South of France, in the Rhône Alpes region; is another best lavender field in France. You have been witnessing the sloppy terrains laden with beautiful lavender fields France, but here you can notice some flat plains with purple and bluish hue lavenders.

In Drome, you wouldn’t only find the vastly spread lavender fields but also over two thousand varieties of other plants, from medicinal to fragranced wonders. You will also learn about the thirty different Lavandula types, and three grow naturally in France, and they are Spike Lavender, Hike Lavender, and True Lavender.

Located in the South of France, The Drome region is one hidden secret of the country when it comes to lavenders. Hills surround it in the distance, scenic villages, and lavender everywhere. It would be best if you explored any of the farms or distilleries on the way. And try appreciating its beauty, try to learn about its medicinal properties and how it is extracted.

As the locals are delighted in educating you about the whole farming and extraction process and don’t forget to get the taste of real lavender honey!

B. 5 Lavender Farms and Distilleries!

lavender fields france

There are several farms and distilleries present around the region, and you can visit these five most popular lavender farms and distilleries in Provence:

1. Distillerie Les Agnels-

Located on the Route De Baux, this lavender distillery is an organic one. It is one place that welcomes tourists throughout the year, and you can learn about their varieties of essential oils produced by them.

2. Gaelic Aroma’Plantes-

This is another famous organic farm, where free entry and farm tours are organized for visitors. You can spot them on Route De Ventoux, and they are known for producing lavender oils for medicinal and therapy-related purposes; you can try and learn more about the process here.

3. Ho! Bouquet de Lavande-

Yet another amazing place to visit in France, and it welcomes tourists from April to November in a year. The gates are open only during the lavender season because there is nothing much to see other times of the year.

This lavender farm offers lots of lavender based products, which you can buy as per your need.

4. Distillerie Les Coulets-

This is an old-style distillery, and it uses open fire for making all of its products, now that is some sight worth seeing. The place remains open throughout the year, and you can come here to buy their products as well.

5. La Ferme de Gerbaud-

Here you will find beautiful lavender fields along with some farm animals and horses. The only missing part throughout our journey was the presence of animals, which completes here. And one amazing thing that you can do here is taking a horse riding tour of the farm. Doesn’t that give you a whole country vibe?

C. When to visit?

Lavender fields france

The places sound amazing, but there’s always a ‘but’ in your plans. The Lavenders don’t bloom throughout the year. We understand that it’s sad news, but the full bloom period is not very short.

When you plan a visit to Lavender fields France, do your research before heading out, because you don’t want to disappoint yourself. The best time to see lavender fields France is from mid-June to mid-august; you can witness full bloom during mid-July.

The best time to see Provence’s lavender fields is during the starting of the season as the lavender flowers start to bloom, turning the whole area into a purple-blue hue-covered field.

It can be seen that the beauty of the lavender fields France keeps on enhancing months after a month because if you visit in August, you will witness the sunflowers blooming as well. If you visit the fields, especially for photography purposes, then a visit between July and August will yield you some stunning pictures.

September is also a good time to visit as the weather starts getting pleasant, and some leftover lavender fields will be there for your welcome, but try to visit in the recommended duration if you want to explore the best of France.

D. Lavender Festival!

Lavender fields france

In Lavender’s country, a festival is a must, but to your surprise, there are several lavender festivals organized every year for the locals’ visitors. The celebrations are arranged in the day mostly, and if you get the opportunity of attending one, never back out!

You can witness many lavender festivals in different parts of Provence, especially during the season. What happens in the lavender festival are many local lavender extractors, distilleries owners, and lavender farmers gather at a place.

To offer some of their best products to the visitors where you have full freedom of buying and learning about the whole process of making the products.

These local suppliers offer some world-class and authentic products, which is not found anywhere else.

You can also enjoy their local food, folk art music, and several arts and handicrafts at the festival. And for your information, these festivals don’t last for a day; it remains active for 2-3 days on average.

So, do your research in advance and try to enjoy everything you can.

These were the few most important facts you need to know if you plan to visit France’s majestic lavender fields. The views have attracted so many visitors every year. You can see the tour guides mention some of the other famous movies have been shot here.

The beauty of lavender fields France has never failed in attracting people from around the world. And while you have visited, you can stay at some of France’s best hotels and resorts, which have fantastic views of Lavender fields, lakes, and mountains.

The lavender fields France must have stunned you, and the fact that France is one of the largest producers of lavender oil shouldn’t surprise you anymore. Lavender oil has several health benefits and is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.

You can read more about the different types of essential oils here!

Don’t forget to bring some of the best lavender oils you can find here. Also, you should know that it takes 120 kilos of lavenders in extracting just 1 kg of oil for a fun fact. After your long journey of exploring the lavender fields France, you can use some lavender oil to having a relaxing experience and sound sleep.

Appreciate the beauty of Lavender fields France, bring some oils for your friends, and enjoy it!

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