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Let Go and Let God! Master This Belief!

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“Let go and let God!” Remember this statement.

The last few months have been challenging for you. All the things that once gave you pleasure no longer excite you. You feel distant from anyone, no matter how hard you try you are not able to put away the painful memories from the past away.

This has completely altered your usual self and has been adversely affected your present, but hey there, cheer up! Ups and downs are a part of everyone’s life; no one goes through life without experiencing pain. Still, it is our responsibility not to let the pain change us for worse and instead let go and let God!

Let go and Let God!What Is Let Go and Let God?

You must have heard a lot of people saying that you must ‘let go and let God,’ that is the only way to pass through the painful event that you are experiencing, but what is ‘let go and let God.’

To ‘let go and let God’- literally means leaving your worries to God, and patiently waiting for the holy spirit to show you the right path. 

Sometimes, we experience events in our life which shatter us to our very core. We really don’t know the way out and are just struck. It feels that life is falling apart. Sometimes, we, despite our best efforts, are not capable of dealing with certain situations and require external help.

But some events such as the death of a family member or end of a relationship or friendship, traumatic experiences in the early years of learning are too difficult to process and deal with. In some instances, even support from close friends, or family members prove to be inadequate. It is during such an event that you must leave all your misery and worry to God and let Him handle it as He is the only one, who can help you out.

What Is Let Go and Let God?Remember that God is very aware of your struggle. He realizes that you are in pain. Still, this incident was a part of the plan laid by Him for you. He wanted you to experience the pain so that you emerge as a better and stronger person.

You at this moment are not able to deal with the pain and the hurt that the event has brought with itself. So just “let go and let God.’ He knows the best for you and will not only show you a way out but also, make you better than before.

Trust Him, He is not intimidated by any worldly problems and struggles. Let Him show the way out, and have faith. Believe Him as He is the best healer to exist!


The Positive Side To Pain

While, it is very obvious to be worried about the future, which at this moment appears bleak to you, just remind yourself, if God can put you in this troubling situation, He can not only successfully get you out of this, but instead, change your present life for better.

‘Let go and let God,’ He does everything for a reason. He has a well-laid plan for you. He is just testing you at the moment, and the way to deal with it is to trust Him. Leave your worries on to Him and start building yourself step by step.

The only way to deal with the pain and hurt is by leaving all your pain and hurt to God. What you are going through is just a chapter and not your whole life.

Life will be better soon. Things will be way back to normal; don’t be hard on yourself. You deserve happiness and peace, and you will get it just ‘let go and let God.’

Why Let Go and Let God?

You were living your life, as usual, all was going according to the plan. Then, suddenly things went for a toss. It seemed that your life changed overnight! And now you are stuck, and you don’t know what to do or say, you feel that life will never be the same again.

But, I want to assure you that you are wrong! Just let go and let God, and you will see the difference.

Life is a beautiful journey, which takes you to several destinations. At the same time, some stops are full of pleasure and happy memories. Others are meant to teach you a lesson. They let you evolve through a painful experience, and you just grow. 

While the happy events are the part of your cherished memories and will always be a reminder of the good old days, the painful events will make you stronger and stand as reminiscent of the time when things, even though they were not in your favor, refused to let your spirit down and instead helped you grow as a better-adjusted individual.

What Is Let Go and Let God?If you feel that you are the only one who is going through the pain or life or God is just utterly unfair to you, you are not right. Every person around you is going through something or the other. They are hiding their pain behind their beautiful smile.

They are avoiding to talk about their struggles or pain. You, my friend, are not alone. It is okay to experience and feel what you are feeling. Those emotions, only because they don’t make sense to anyone else, are not invalid.

But, at the same time, you cannot let that single painful memory become the epicenter of your life.

Count on your blessings, be proud of what you became due to the event, and just let go and let God.

Well, what you happened has devastated you, shattered you, and has undoubtedly changed your life in many significant ways, but it is the ‘past’ now. If your past becomes the present, the future will be destroyed. You cannot let the mishappenings of the past come in between the bright future, that lies for you ahead.

Yes, no one is denying the fact you are going through a furrow of emotions right now. These feelings are not only completely natural but also valid. They should in no way be a hindrance in your overall development. The past is a great teacher. It prepares you for the challenges of tomorrow.

But, sticking up to the painful memories of the past, instead of learning your lesson, would do no good to you. So, ‘let go and let God.’

Time is the best healer. With time, the past would not haunt you anymore. More importantly, have faith and patience in Him. Trust God. Let God handle it for you.

Hold Him tightly, and He will heal you, but you too have to make efforts.

The only way to move ahead in life is by solving problems rather than holding onto them. If you keep thinking about the problem, what went wrong, what you could have done, or how you should have handled the situation, you will never be able to get out of the situation. You would be stuck in the problem forever.

What Is Let Go and Let God? Remember, bud, you did whatever you could. In the face of adversity, even when the best of us are not able to take the right decision and make a horrendous error, our conclusion is affected by several factors.

Sometimes things are not in anyone’s hand, it is the circumstances that drive certain situations and are responsible for bringing the bad or the good of a person. Having said that, stop punishing yourself for things that you have no control over. More notably, accept the reality, the painful incident is not a bad dream but a reality, the truth.

Take your time but admit that the event did occur. It shook you to your very core. You wish to reverse it, but you know that you cannot.

So, instead of wasting your time and thinking about ‘what you could have done,’ start thinking about ‘what you can do now.’ Your life will change in dramatic ways if instead of dwelling ‘why did it happen to me’ you will start understanding’ what has the pain taught me.’

Letting it go is the only way out. Letting it go and leaving it to God is not only wise but the best thing that you will do to yourself. So ‘let go and let God,’ for it is the only viable solution to your misery!

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How To Let Go And Let God?

So, how can you practice this principle?

It is definitely not easy to suddenly stop thinking about the incident that has changed your life in dramatic ways, but don’t be disappointed, you can surely make a change, by taking these baby steps. In the end, always remember that God can only help those who help themselves, so, you have to make efforts to pass through the painful event.


As stated above, the first step in solving the problem is ‘accepting that the problem exists.’ Living in denial is a wrong coping mechanism. While it may reduce your problem or anxiety in a small run, it is not the correct way to deal with the situation, right?

So, instead of living in denial, start ‘Accepting’ the reality that the event did occur. Rather than dwelling on it again and again, just accept it. Start finding constructive solutions to your problems for helping you sail through the past.

Have faith in God, accept that the problem exists, and leave all your worries to Him. Acceptance is indeed the first and the most important step to ‘let go and let God.’


Take advantage of this adversity. Instead of letting the adversity overpower you, overpower the adversity! Use this time for some self-introspection. But, instead of taking the blame for things going haywire, take the positive aspects from the entire situation.

Understand and accept that the incident broke your heart, but ended up opening your eyes. It did teach you something, even though it did hurt you a lot. It added value to your life by teaching you something.

What Is Let Go and Let God?It all thus depends on the perspective. If you start looking at the entire event from the bright side, you will be over the whole thing as well as end up learning from the entire incident.

Self-introspection will let you know, what are some things that you need to work on to get avoid getting hurt in the future. When you” learn from your hurt, it will help you look at the entire event objectively, and end up reducing your hurt. 


Keep yourself busy! The best way to let go is to distract yourself. Word of caution, distracting yourself does not mean living in denial. It does not mean neglecting the fact that the problem does not exist; you need to accept that the problem exists.

But, instead of just focusing on the problem all day long and wasting your precious time, you could invest your time in something much more productive. Learn something new, or do something that you enjoy the most, instead of being stuck and consumed by the problem. Do something that you love!

What Is Let Go and Let God? f you are not finding a solution to deal with the problem, you are just adding to your woes by excessively thinking about it, again and again, this will only leave you depressed and exhausted.

So, bring out your favorite book from your shelf, or replay your favorite song or movie on repeat. Get artistic, paint on a blank canvas. Let those feelings flow, and stop bottling up. Invest your day on some good works, something productive!

Once you distract yourself and stop being engulfed with the problem in hand, half of your difficulties will be reduced, and you could start letting go!

Let go and let GodThese tips will come handy and help you to actually ‘let go and let God.’ As stated earlier, God can only help you if you want to be helped. If you don’t want to be helped, nobody can help you, Despite everyone’s best effort you would still be stuck.

Thus, if you want to get over it, you have to make efforts too and then leave it to God, for He will guide further. We are all His children, and He can’t see us suffering like that.

Impressed with your efforts, He will end your suffering soon and make life breezy again! So, there, ‘let go and let God.’

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  1. It sums up the essence of life. Ask not “What if? ” . Instead ask ” What now? “. So Let Go and Let God lead the way.👌👌👌👌


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