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Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids

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They don’t wait to be ready to do something

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 1

Notwithstanding the certainty that kids are emotionally, mentally and physically unready for the things that lies in the real world, they are the lords of bouncing feet – first into the unknown depths of water. They are not haunted by a need to have a sense of security before getting into anything and hence children aren’t anxious to forgather the essentials before doing something new. Kids are an example of the fact that to move ahead, we don’t need to be ready, we just need to want to move ahead.

They demand what they want

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 2

Do kids receive a lot of ‘NOs’, more than a grown – up in a long time? Certainly Yes. But does this demoralizes them from asking for it over and over again? Definitely No. This is a living proof of a very important principle of human life- If you want something, you gotta try until you get it. Grown – ups are offended by refusals and dismissal, become discouraged to ask for it again.

They allow themselves to require people

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 3

Grown – ups mostly don’t let themselves admit the need for company. ‘if you have a company, cool; if you don’t have a company, better.’ No, it’s not better, the very essence of human existence is the need to be with people, to be there for them when they need you and wanting them to be with you when you need them, and kids agree, totally. Children cry and wail if they miss people, and when they are hurt.

They are curious

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 4

The ‘whys’, ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ are the basis of knowledge and learning. Most adults don’t get into the depth of complicated questions, but kids never quit asking, sometimes a little annoying but a major life lesson as well.

They don’t care about self-image

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 5

Kids can not care less about the Instagram Filters, Facebook updates and twitter followers, they are not affected by how their body looks, what color is their skin, or the brands of their clothes; which is next to impossible for most adults living in this era of internet and perfect lifestyle.

They don’t change things, they accept things as they are

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 6

They don’t come with a rule book of how the world is supposed to be, they are okay and mostly happy about things as they are, without thinking about altering and changing the things and people around them to suit their choice, the quality quite difficult to find in the Grown – ups. Most Adults have their own notions of perfection and are not willing to settle for anything less.

They Cherish life

Life Lessons Adults Can Learn From Kids 7

How many suicidal kids have you met? Not many I suppose. How many kids have you met who complain how hard life is? Again, not many, right? Children do not scare away from the absurdity of life. If they have a fight with their best friend, they’ll fight and they’ll forget about it. In contrast to many adults, kids appreciate life.

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