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The Ultimate List Of Values To Uphold in Life

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This is an adaptive guide to the ultimate list of values to uphold in life.

Since the day we started going to school with our tiny bags and our tiny notebooks, we have been taught about good values. Most of us have been taught about it in school subjects like “Value educating,” where we scrolled through the pages containing a list of values.

The definitions of these values were explained to us & we were expected to inculcate it in our lives. But how many of us have been successful? Even partially successful? Its because the human mind is easy to corrupt and easier to overload.

So, let us take a look at our very own list of values, containing 21 essential values to get you started with your new journey.

Ultimate List of Values:

  1. Authenticity:

    It can be literally translated as being genuine or authentic. This is a quality that is very much needed in today’s society. Everyone feels a need to fake it, be it something they are not, just because someone told you to do so.

    Being authentic can be difficult, but you will be an honest and true version of yourself.

  2. Supportiveness:

    This is just another needed core value and a must inclusion on this list of values. In today’s society, mental health has cemented itself as one of the utmost priorities. Being supportive is a building block that holds the foundation of mental health for yourself and others close to you.

    Be a person who lifts someone up emotionally; please do not put them down; that’s the last thing anyone wants.

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  3. Courage:

    Despite older beliefs, courage isn’t just a valid value when you save a lady from a rubber or vice versa. It is considered courage when you ask for help, even if you are embarrassed or afraid to do so. It is considered courage when you help a person who is bullied and take a stand against the bullies.

    Courage has many definitions and is, therefore, a notable addition to the list of values.

  4. Discipline:

    Many people these days consider discipline to be just fear tactics to gain control. In spite of the misled beliefs, the discipline has always remained an essential value. A person who has attained discipline has attained control over their mind, which we all know makes us do things we would not want on many occasions.

    This value is hard to achieve in the modern world, where everyone encourages you to be indisciplined. But do not worry, keep fighting.

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  5. Loyalty:

    Loyalty is not easy to come by today because of the myriad of options available. And that is not something wrong, abundance mentality is good. But after settling for a particular well thought choice, do show loyalty to it.

    The words loyalty and commitment are often confused and used interchangeably. Loyalty is what you give to and promise your partner. Commitment is when you commit to a task/job or a promise that you are expected to hold and make sure it is executed.

    This is just another respectable addition to the list of values.

  6. Optimism:

    Optimism is more of an attitude that you live by than a value, but it an essential addition to the list of values. Do not be the glass half empty person, always be the glass half full person. The difference projected in their attitudes is huge, and the decisive factor in gaining success.

    Be it in business, sports, love, and even at life. Do not forget; optimistic people are like magnets; everyone knows at least one such person.

  7. Accountability:

    Other words can be substituted for this, responsibility or liability, etc. But the meaning of them is the same.

    Being accountable is a huge bonus to your character development. It separates you from the lot who do not want responsible and who have a habit of running away.

    You do not have to be accountable for something you do not want to be. But it should not be an excuse for you to run away from your responsibilities, like your family and your own life.

    Be accountable to yourself, question, and answer yourself.

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  8. Poised:

    Be poised! The meaning of being poised is having balance or equilibrium in your life. Contrary to mainstream beliefs, it doesn’t just mean being wealthy and humble at the same time.

    Being poised can also mean being a level headed person who can handle his load, but is also open to help and assistance when the need arises. Poise is an attractive quality and notable addition to this list of values.

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  9. Humility:

    Humility means being modest and humble. One does not have to carry humility in their pocket of personal value, and it’s your choice. You can be overly proud and have an ego; we all know such people. But most of the ones around you will get tired of your egoistic act.

    So, instead, why not give humility a try? People will respect you more, recognize you more, trust you more, be more open to you, and, most of all; they will be present for you.

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  10. Empathy:

    Having empathy or being empathetic means the quality or ability to understand the feelings of others better. It can also be defined as seeing something from someone else’s eyes.

    Without empathy from the mass populace, the LGBT+ community would not have gained the rights they have today. This is in no way undermining the struggles of the LGBT+ community and their efforts.

    Empathy has time and time again proved to be a much-needed quality to recognize and address the suffering of marginalized groups, animals, and even the environment. So be empathetic, not pathetic.

  11. Patience:

    Patience is a highly underrated value/virtue, but one of the most important in any list of values. It is the ability or the capacity to be able to accept a specific situation that you are in. It is the ability to wait for the storm to pass by.

    Patience and optimism go hand in hand. Both of these values empower each other.

    Without patience, Edison would not have invented the bulb. Warren Buffett wouldn’t have been a billionaire investor, and any normal human being would not water a plant expecting it to grow.

  12. Self-Respect:

    Self-respect isn’t just limited to taking a stand for yourself when someone tries to put you down. It means knowing what is worth your time and energy and what is not.

    Self-respect is a very important value to be added to this list of values. It is because self respect these days can be frequently overlooked by individuals for the sake of validation.

    Please don’t do that, look at yourself in the mirror, know that you are loved. Self-respect greatly contributes to the emotional, physical, and moral well being and health of a person.

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  13. Decisiveness:

    The ability to be decisive or the act of decisiveness is a very strong value and addition to this list of values. Being decisive is considered a strong asset of an individual because it displays willingness, determination, and level-headedness.

    Indecisiveness is the sign of a weak mind. Do not be sad or down if you are indecisive. The fact that you are willing to recognize your indecisive nature is an achievement in itself.

    Now the next step is to be a little more resolute, a little more decisive, which will help you in all aspects of your life. Good Luck!

  14. Enthusiasm:

    Enthusiasm is equated to passion. Being enthusiastic is considered by many people to be a fake or an overbearing act. But it is not always the case.

    Imagine two people who are working the same job, one is a smart but an apathetic individual, and the other is an ordinary but enthusiastic individual. The latter will also be the person who will commit more effort, time, and passion for something that is asked of him.

    Naturally, the enthusiastic fellow will the one who bears the fruits of success. So be enthusiastic and be energetic, don’t be dull, there are over 6 billion others to do that.

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  15. Tolerance:

    I think this is the most important addition to this list of values in today’s day and age. We are in the 21st century, and we still see atrocities committed based on religion, race, gender orientation, sex, political leaning, etc.

    The meaning of being tolerant is to have the courage and empathy to accept a community or an idea with an open mind without letting your individual beliefs getting in the way.

    The youth of today understand the importance of acceptance/tolerance and advocate for it, which is the best thing in this chaotic world right now.

  16. Tranquility:

    It is defined as the state of being tranquil or calm. In this fast-paced world where everybody is too caught up in their work lives and personal lives, calmness is a luxury.

    Tranquility should never be a luxury, and every person should be able to practice being calm. Common issues like anxiety and panic attacks severely affect the quality of life.

    Practicing a little tranquility is a value or habit that should be encouraged more. It helps in making mindful and conscious decisions.

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  17. Confidence:

    Rather than defining confidence as a value, it can be considered an attitude. There is no need to define confidence. It goes hand in hand with other values, optimism, discipline, decisiveness, etc. Confidence can come naturally to some.

    Many are not as confident as they would want to be, and it is perfectly normal. Just practice essential values in this list of values like empathy, authenticity, humility, and confidence comes naturally.

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  18. Craftiness:

    While some might think that craftiness is not a good value or virtue as it is also considered as foxiness.

    Being crafty is a highly valued asset in itself. If you lie in certain areas of work where your dealings have to have cunningness and foxiness, then why not.

    It is when you use your value as being crafty to harm, to hurt, to manipulate others is when this value becomes a curse.

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  19. Unapologetic: 

    Being unapologetic can be equated to confidence or self-respect, but all these terms are quite different from each other. This is a significant addition to this list of values.

    Being unapologetic can be considered by some to be smug or rude. But being unapologetic and a little rebellious gave women the right to vote and have a more independent right. It gave the marginalized people of society to have fundamental human rights. And being unapologetic, when you know you are right, will take you a step further to your goals.

  20. Frugality:

    Although frugality might not be considered value or virtue, it can definitely be counted as an asset. Be more frugal with your wealth and resources. No one can stop you from that.

    Being economically smart has lifted so many people from the bottom to the top. And this does not necessarily mean that being frugal is for your own benefit.

    A frugal person can do good to society by his determined mindset. So, next time some friend of your calls you greedy or a miser, correct them, by calling it “Frugality.”

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  21. Courtesy:

    There is always room in the hearts of the people for courteous individuals. It is rightly said that values like politeness, kindness, and humility are manners that have been lost.

    With so much going on in the world, people have forgotten to be civil or courteous. There are always exceptions to the case, though.

    Even a small good gesture and kindness towards someone can light up somebody’s day. So, do not forget to smile at the dejected person next time. Maybe, you’ll find some light coming your way too.

There are hundreds more of values and virtues that could be listed here. But any advice, be it good or bad when it becomes too much can overload the mind.

No one is expecting us to be perfect, live an ideal life, and be perfect to others. But we can take small steps and start following and inculcating in us, good value, like the ones in this list of values. Do not feel overwhelmed. Take your time, one step, one value at a time.

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