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5 Magic Tricks to Learn in the Blink of an Eye

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Didn’t get your Hogwarts letter? What if I told you that you can do magic even when you are not a wizard? Today I have got some easy magic tricks that you can learn quickly! So, put on your magic hat and get your wand.

1. The good – old ‘Find the card’

Let’s start with an oldy. You all must have heard about this one. It really intrigued me as a child as to how do those magicians get to know which was the other person’s card? Well, you’re just about to know.
1. Get a deck of regular playing cards and put the Ace of diamonds at the bottom of the deck.
2. Get someone to choose a card without disclosing it to anyone.
3. Separate the deck in half and ask the person to place their card at the top of one (make sure they put it on the deck which does not contain the Ace of diamonds).
4. Start flipping over the cards. The one that comes after the Ace of diamonds is their card.
5. You’ve got them!

2. Turn water into ice

Now, this might not sound like real magic (and it’s kinda not). But it will make a great party trick and will blow your mind.
1. Fill a bottle of water and put it in the freezer. Not long enough. Take it out before the water starts freezing.
2. Pour the water on some ice.
3. Now some science comes into play and starts converting the freezing water into ice.
4. As I said, not much magic but still a nice trick.

3. The moving pen


This trick is for the sneaky people out there! All you need is a round pen and a smooth surface.
1. Gather around your peeps and tell them you are going to make a pen move with your telekinetic power.
2. Rub the pen on your shirt sleeve or pant.
3. Place the pen on the smooth surface and let your index finger hang about a centimetre above the pen.
4. Lean in close, giving out the impression that you are concentrating, and subtly blow on the pen.
5. A pro tip: wear a snap – back to hide your mouth so anyone won’t be able to catch you!

4. The disappearing coin

Get a coin and tuck in your shirt. No, seriously this is necessary.
1. Put your left hand behind your neck and rub your elbow with the coin in your right hand (make sure the coin is not properly visible).
2. Pretend to drop the coin like the trick didn’t work and tell the people that you will give it another try.
3. Pick the coin with your left hand and pretend to pass it to your right hand (but keep it in your left hand) and keep your left hand at the back of your neck.
4. Drop the coin in your shirt and rub your empty right hand (which the people think contains the coin) on your left elbow.
5. Show them your empty hand and let them be delusional thinking the coin really vanished!

5. Disappearing matchstick


For this trick, all you need is a matchstick and our mystery tool: some tape.
1. Stick a matchstick on your thumb at your knuckle using a little tape.
2. Close your fist with your fingers wrapped around your thumb.
3. Open your fist dramatically showing your audience that the matchstick is gone (when in reality it is stuck on your thumb).
4. Close your fist again like before and make it look like you are plucking something out of the air.
5. Poof! The matchstick is back!

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