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Indian Advertisement: Top 10 Inspiring Commercials

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Can you recall a few inspiring Indian Advertisements? Out of the hundred advertisements released every day, only a few actually manage to remain in the psyche of the people. Market research says that those advertisements do influence the buying habits of people. Most people find ads extremely annoying, and some even refer to them as the third wheel to a happy couple.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising”

-Mark Twain.

The Top 10 Inspiring Indian Advertisements

Some ads are so entertaining and interesting that they force us to un-mute our television. Check out the most inspiring Indian advertisements below:

1. Nescafe Advertisement

With more than half a million views, this Indian advertisement has successfully conveyed the message it wanted to convey. This advertisement with a high emotional appeal features Rishi as the prime character, who takes up the role of a stand-up comedian who stutters. The ad is about how Rishi shares his bad experiences and relates them to the product, Nescafe. It shows how Nescafe gave him the energy he needed to practice and master his art of comedy every day.

2. Google India Advertisement

One of ‘Google search engine’s’ ads depicting two childhood friends who are later separated and settle in India and Pakistan after the partition of 1947 is really inspiring.

After hearing the childhood stories from her grandpa a small girl, with the help of Google, traces her grandpa’s friend in Pakistan.

She puts him in a trance of memories, so intense, that he decides to visit India to meet his long lost friend. Google helps him at every step of the journey and makes it possible for them to re-live their childhood lives. This Indian advertisement gives a greater message of love and friendship, which transcends the hatred between countries.

3. Bharati Airtel Advertisement

Bharati Airtels ad ‘Proud to be Indian (Bharati)’ makes us really proud by showing us glimpses of the lives of some of the greatest Indians like Aryabhatta, Susrutha, Mahatma Gandhi and Jagadish Bose. The bottom line: “When you stand for what you believe in, you can change the world”, inspires us to exploit our hidden potentials.

4. Tanishq Advertisement

Tanishq Remarriage Ad – is unique in the way that it creates a new awareness in the attitude of the society towards widowed and divorced women of India. It reinforces the fact that they should not be considered as outcasts as is the common Indian custom.

They should be encouraged to consider remarriage and lead normal and fruitful lives. This ad does a fantastic job of creating such awareness in society.

5. Indian Army Advertisement

This video about the Indian army informs us about the force that inspires us to respect and serve the nation as proud Indians. The Indian advertisement reminds us that the Indian army is one of the best construction companies in India and operates some of the finest hospitals and a large network of educational institutions.

It is amazing to note that it is one of the 10 largest employers in the world. When natural disasters and calamities strike, they are the first to reach there with all possible help.

6. Indian Air force Advertisement

This video shows some proud parents and teachers of IAF officers, who inspire us a lot and make us feel proud of our achievements in the field. The video has an important question asked to us, the country’s citizens, by the Indian Air Force: Are you up for it? It shows the true nature of the air force- integrity, mission, and excellence. It sure is an inspiring Indian advertisement.

7. Lifebuoy Advertisement

This ad by Lifebuoy soaps reminds us of some very disturbing facts – each year, two million children below 5 years of age, die of infections such as diarrhea and pneumonia. These infections could have easily been prevented by washing hands with soap.

The video shows a father going to the temple to offer his gratitude because after the death of all his children before they turned five, his son has finally turned five. However, he goes to the temple with his hands with his feet dangling up in the air. It is a very touching video and shows some simple facts about healthcare.

8. Aamir Khan’s Incredible Indian Advertisement

In this Incredible India commercial, Aamir Khan saves two foreign tourists from the harassment of local goons and explains the Indian culture with one of its famous slogans “Athithi Devo Bhava” which translates into treating the guests as God. We are well aware of how foreign tourists are exploited and looted in our country and this Indian advertisement aptly ridicules such fellows. It also reminds us of the importance that tourism plays in the economy of our country.

9. Times of India Advertisement

This short commercial film by TOI shows how a small schoolboy can inspire the public to overcome obstacles by setting an example.

When the traffic was blocked by a fallen tree, while everybody was cursing the authorities and thinking of trying some alternative routes, this small boy himself tried to push the tree out of the way. Seeing this, others also join in, and they manage to clear the way. It is one of the most inspiring Indian advertisements. It teaches us a lesson apart from how union is strength, and it also teaches us how kids can inspire the elders by their small and seemingly foolish acts.

10. TBZ- Shoe Advertisement

This commercial touched the emotional chord of millions of people. It portrays the ceremonies and customs that take place during every Indian wedding.

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