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3 Most Spookiest Hotels in India

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Are you fond of experiencing thrill and adventure in life? Do you wish to personally have an encounter with all the spooky elements of India, then there are a few hotels in India that will give rise to your goosebumps and give you a terrific shock and make you experience the most tragic moment of your life? There are many hotels in India that have been haunted by spirits. There are several ghastly stories associated with most of the hotels in India. Some of these stories are centuries older. The following are the top 3 most haunted hotels of India:

download (2)1. Hotel Raj Kiran, Lonavala- Hotel Raj Kiran, situated in Lonavala, might not be a five-star hotel, yet it is known as one of the grand hotels of India. Apart from being a perfect and appealing rest place for tourists, it continues to haunt the tourists with its paranormal activity. It is known as the spookiest hotel of India.

Room located near the reception of the hotel is said to haunt everyone, and whosoever stays in the room, seems to get frightened by the spirits paranormal activities. People who stayed in that room have said to have experienced the invisible spirit pulling their bed sheets forcefully at night when they are often snoozing. A few people also noticed a beam of blue light whenever they woke during or after midnight.

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2. Brij Raj Bhavan, Kota- The Brij Raj Bhavan Hotel, situated in Kota, is the second most haunted hotel in India. Its history conveys that the before the hotel was constructed, it was the palace of Major Burton’s family, who were known to be the last royal family of Rajasthan. He and his two sons were murdered by Indian sepoys in the year 1857 and since then his spirit continues to haunt the hotel.

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3. The Taj Palace, Mumbai- The Taj Palace, Mumbai is the most expensive and famous five-star hotel in India. Despite being a popular hotel, it exists in the list of the top 3 spookiest hotels of India. It is believed that the hotel is haunted by the ghost of a French Architect, who personally designed the blue print of the hotel, and was disheartened when the design was entirely altered in his absence. After his suicide, his spirit continued to haunt the tourists with its paranormal activities.

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