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Happy New Year!

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The new year is when the year’s count increases by 1, and the calendar changes. It’s celebrated on the 1st of January for those who follow the Gregorian calendar.

People celebrate this day by lighting up firecrackers and attending or organizing parties with friends and family to begin the next year with joy and harmony. Many people make new year resolutions (although everyone secretly knows they won’t follow them anyway) about how they want to grow and work on themselves this new year. At 11.59 pm, on December 31st, the party’s real fun begins! Everyone, everywhere, eagerly waits for the next 60 seconds to pass by, waiting to say goodbye to the year that is about to pass.


Every country, every culture, every individual has its own way of celebrating the new year. The United States of America has a ball drop in New York City at Times Square. It is above the Times Square building. The crystal ball descends a total of 141 feet (43 meters) in 60 seconds sharp. It starts its descent at 11:59 pm and is a perfect 60-second fall until it reaches the ground at 12:00 am sharp.

Hundreds, or maybe even thousands of people gather around that area to watch it every year. The crystal ball (the one used in recent years) is made of computerized, triangular, crystal LED panels reflecting light. It’s so amazing to see! After the ball drop, and before it too, there are performances by musicians and dancers. So, it’s an evening full of entertainment. New Year’s eve in New York is definitely a must-see!


Everyone has their own ideas of celebration. Many people have parties or get-togethers, in the evening, with friends, family, and cousins. Everyone gathers at one place, and the party begins. People exchange gifts, and in some traditions, they have new year trees for decoration. The party, no matter what, takes a break at 11.59 pm, and the countdown begins.



BOOM! Firecrackers fill the sky, and the calendar changes. Noisemakers, fireworks, dancing, the party is at its peak!

Few cut New year’s cakes too, at 12 am, and that’s another way of celebrating.

There is joy, happiness, love, and fun everywhere, and that’s what a New Year is all about.

The new year is one of the most celebrated holidays, or should I say New year’s eve is?

After all the fun and party is over, people realize that they have an entire year ahead of themselves.

  • a long wait until summer
  • a long wait until your birthday
  • a long wait until your favorite festival
  • a long wait until the spring

Everything seems so far away. It feels like now you have to wait for over THREE HUNDRED days to have this kind of midnight party again!

But time passes by really fast, and before you know it, it’s Christmas time and then New year’s eve all over again! The same is repeated almost every single year.


With joy, love, happiness, and warm wishes, let’s welcome the New year: 2016.

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