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Refugee Crisis: What Is Actually Happening!

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Firstly, let’s see what exactly is the case in Syria. Syria has been debilitated due to a brutal war since 2011. It is a war between the government of the current President of Syria, Bashar-Al-Assad and the rebel forces. Since the breakout of the war, more than 2,00,000 people have crossed the country’s borders or died. And the Refugee Agency of the UN claims that half of them were children. Technically, Syria is in a state of civil war. Where did it all start? Back in 2001.

In Deraa, a local took the support of a protest when 15 children were arrested and tortured for designing anti-government graffiti on walls. The protests kick-started with peaceful demonstrations but soon turned into bizarre rioting after the cops opened fire at the protesters. And the rest, as you know, is history.

Flags of Syria and USA
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But, what worsened the scene? No world issue is complete without the intrusion of the USA. This is where the IS (Islamic State) comes into the picture, which is again indirectly created by the USA. IS was a small extremist group in Iraq which later started controlling major parts of Syria.

A little about IS.

IS was a very trifle group that rebelled against the Syrian Government but later turned into extremists. How? According to special secret reports of the Russian Government and reports and WikiLeaks reports on the deep web claim to guarantee that the USA played a vital role in the formation of IS. IS was very small at the beginning. The US started lending heavy ammo to IS so that in return, IS would protect and work for the USA in Syria with the US’s army. Due to the USA’s incautious attitude, they did not take back the heavy ammo provided to the IS. So, later the IS used this ammunition for their own intentions and supremacy. And ironically, after IS became prominent, the US declared IS as a terrorist organisation. Ridiculous.


What led the world and peace organisation in the pique was the usage of chemical weapons by the UK, USA and other countries in Syria.

Refugee Crisis.

As days passed by, the agitation among the locals rose to the heights of Mount Titlis. The locals were very insecure. Everything was getting deteriorated as time passed. Thousands of locals flew across the border into their neighbouring nation of Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Lebanon. It does not look like the crisis is going to stop anytime soon. The thing is, the government or the rebel forces are not able to defeat each other. They are unaware of what and where the war is leading them to. It will take decades for Syria to come back to a stable state.

Refugee crisis in Syria
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And to add spice to the already disappearing smoke, Britain and the USA stopped all non-lethal supplies like medicines. With locals in total pandemonium, they had no choice but to flee their own country. They started coming to the EU. The UK is their major target due to obvious reasons like a stable economy and jobs scenario. But have these accepting nations in the EU been kind enough? Some have, and some have not.

When Syrians crossed the mediterranean sea, the Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameroon, said, “You have got a swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life, wanting to come to Britain because Britain has got jobs, it’s got a growing economy, it’s an incredible place to live.” His usage of the word ‘swarm’ caused an outrage on social media. His language was remarked dehumanising and disrespectful.

Like seriously, how can you call people who are in deep trouble as ‘swarm’? The usage itself scares the listener. If someone tells me that a lot of dogs are coming, I would be happy, but if someone tells me that a swarm of dogs is coming, I would probably be scared and prepare my ammo to face them. Words can tear or make hearts. Remember, Cameroon.

Syrian refugees in Greece
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Greece has been very lenient with the asylum seekers and has taken itself into an economic crisis. Germany by far is the best place for asylum seekers as it has been doing the most to accept the already worn out Syrians. Hungary has been very selective and has only accepted Christians. Hungary has also used tear gas and water at the refugees near the border to fly them away. The UK has only agreed to allow 20000 refugees, and that too it is for the next 5 year. Just ridiculous. The representatives of Romania literally used harsh language and words in Romanian at the European Union meet. One of the representatives was marked, saying that their country had very few mosques, so they could not accept the refugees. WOW! You can always build up genius excuses when you want. These have been an absurd condition in Syria and Europe.


Where will all this lead?

This is the major brow-raising question. And Syria is no doubt going to take a decade or more to turn stable. So, the refugees returning to their nation is highly unlikely. Europe is hesitant and harsh on the refugees, and some countries also have biased refugees in terms of religion. The war in Syria is not taking any turn or shifting towards any of the opponents. And the USA, like always, is interfering. So, it is like a complete deadlock. The only hope being that the EU does something and accepts these refugees among themselves systematically.


EU flag
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Let’s hope and pray for the refugees. We do not know how many bright minds are present among those group of people, do we? There are children out there who deserve a better life, whom the world needs and who can change the world and make their own world.

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