6 Phobias You Never Thought Existed

6 Phobias You Never Thought Existed 1

A phobia is a fear of anything that arises out of any bad experiences or nightmares internal fears etc. Phobia can of many things that are a very significant part of life and hence such fears are disastrous for mere survival of the people.

Chaetophobia x

GaboxjellyfishIt is a fear of hairs which may be either human or animal hair. They are afraid of humans and animals with an excess amount of hair. They are also afraid of their on body hair. Its major cause is any bad memory or experience with hair or any hairy person/animal.

What actually happens is that when a person with any negative experiences related comes near hairy person/animal he is reminded of his experiences and develops internal fear. Other reason for this can be that the person may consider the hair to be dirty and so are frightened of it. Some fear only the loose hair and are normal with the attached ones.




It is an aversion to the household. The general symptom is panic attacks when they are in the surroundings of their house. The fear may be due to some bad experience, or it may be due to something seen on television sets. People suffering this starts sweating and their heartbeats become fast enough. The fear of household may also be due to various electronic appliances at home as they can turn out to be dangerous at sometimes.



It is also called interpersonal relation phobia. It is a case of extreme level of shyness and timidity. The fear can be generally in crowded situations but can sometimes go at very high level due to which the person becomes uncomfortable even by being around just one person. There is not much problem in the case of mild anthropophobia and can be handled but under serious cases it can lead to complete social withdrawal and written and electronic communication is then used exclusively to talk to its victims. It is probably one of the worst fears on this planet.



This phobia is related to the fear caused by mirrors. The major cause is that the individual believes that he is watched or heard by ghosts. This trauma can be a result of horror movies, nightmares, etc. The fear can also be a result of superstitions. When a person suffering from this phobia looks into the mirror he feels as if a preternatural force is pulling him into the mirror or someone is ready to attack them.




This is the fear of sitting and the people having this are afraid of being trapped while sitting. Sitting can be painful and uncomfortable as a result of restrictions as in primary schools which also leads to such phobia among teens. Due to this phobia, a person faces many problems as all our major activities like schooling, office work, etc. are done at sitting position. So it becomes a drawback for a healthy career. The person is impacted in all phases of his life.


Dendrophobia is a psychological disorder due to which the person develops fear from woods, forests and trees. The person who suffers from this phobia is a victim of childhood memory or nightmare due to which they start fearing the trees and forests around them. The person faces panic attacks when he is near the trees and turns normal once away from trees.

The treatment for all types of phobias is meditation, phobia specific therapies, and sorting out the old fears and negative experiences.

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