Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise

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Here’s is a tale of promise. A promise that said, ” Our love story will never end”. 

The sun was shining bright and warm with the cold breeze blowing on my face every now and then. I could feel the strong winds but there was a grip that was holding me still on my place, my mother’s hand. She was holding a book that said, “our love story will never end”. Weird, I thought.

Struggling between the anxiousness of the first day of school in a totally new city and the excitement of having a total new start, I was confused. 

I entered the class, grade 6 it said. Almost every seat was empty, telling me that I was a bit early today. As a shy boy would do, I sat on the second last bench to avoid any specific interaction. 

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 1

Staring at my notebook, I smiled. This was my Christmas’s present, grandma gave it to me before she died. I was busy taking out books from my bag to put it in the locker that we were given to students in this new school. Soon the class was getting filled. I was getting closer to introducing myself. 

“Can I come in, miss?” 

I heard a voice, looked up from my desk and there were you. 

A yellow ribbon on your head matching with the yellow socks that you wore. That is the first thing that I noticed about you. 

You looked afraid, your face sort of pale but why? 

Ah yes, you were late on the first day of school. 

You held your backpack with a great grip and after the teacher nodded to let you in, you entered the class with your slow and shaky walk.

Alisha, you can sit down with Joseph. 

The notebook fell out of my hand, is she talking about me? 

When I searched for the answer then yes she absolutely was talking about me. 

You followed her eyes and stood right in front of my fallen notebook. I still remember the slight smile that you gave me, as if asking me to calm down and relax. I arranged my stuff and now you were sitting right beside me, your yellow bow dangling right there. 

You were pretty. I found you pretty. That was the first time that I wanted to tell someone that they looked pretty. 

My name got called and I was now supposed to introduce myself to the class. 

I went there and stood by miss Amanda’s side, I was trembling. I looked up and saw the class, they all were looking right at me. I was scared but then there were you, looking so supportive as if asking me to just say it. I still don’t know if I imagined it or you really were telling me to calm down. 

“Hello everyone. I’m Joseph.” I said shakily. 

“I am new in the city and I am looking forward to studying hard in this school. ” I ended. 

“And Joseph is willing to make so many new friends, right young man? ” added miss Amanda. 

I simply nodded and went back to my seat. 

 “Joseph. I am Alisha.” you smiled at me and that dimple of yours claimed my heart then and there. That was the day and my school life became a pretty perfect ride of happiness for me. You were the one friend that I loved hanging out with. You remember when we were called by miss Lily for being so talkative. When was it class 8 maybe? 

Oh. Those days of fun. 

“But Joseph, you were so shy. You would have never talked to me if it was not for miss Amanda,” you said.

“You are right but I think someone was so afraid that even her walk was full of shaky legs” I taunted. 

“I was just nervous, how many times I have told you this Joee” you stretched the pet name that you have given me years ago. 

And here my heart melted again. 

Your uncle got married that year and I still remember wearing a blue bow tie to match the frill on the flare of your white dress. That day I promised myself that our love story will never end. You looked angelic, beautiful. Your tiny toes peeking out from those fancy bellies that you wore.

We pretended to be in the place of your uncle and aunt, I promised you that you will get to wear a pink wedding dress. You said you didn’t like brides wearing white dresses. 

We shared the same slice of cake and then I gave you my jacket, I always wanted to do that. I had seen that in movies and after that the girls just blush and smile with their rosy cheeks. 

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 2

Instead, you laughed at me for being such a cliché, but the mission was accomplished, those dimples of yours made their way right to my heart, yet again.

That day you told me that you will marry me and I just smiled because never have I ever thought about being married to you, I just always wanted one truth that, our love story will never end.

It just seemed an idea that I never thought about but being with you, pretending the walk on the aisle, I just felt happy. I felt like at peace and that is when I realized how sweet this moment was. We were young, we didn’t know about love but we definitely were in love. 

I loved you and you loved me. 

You were such an adorable girl. Everything about you was just my favorite thing. Your eyes, the way they used to lit up whenever I taunted you. How you used to fake anger for getting my attention. The blush on your cheeks when I told you that you were the prettiest girl I have ever seen. 

Thinking about those days, I can’t help but open those sad memories to enter my mind. 

It was our farewell in school and you were so worried that day. You didn’t even attend the party that they arranged for us, you never came to meet me. I went to your house, your mother told me something that just shattered me. The whole happiness of mine just left my whole existence. 

Your father was transferred to the State. You were going to change homes. That meant now you will study there, that meant now we were going to be apart. I didn’t say anything to your mother. I waited outside your house. I sat there for an hour thinking about you all along. 

What about the promise that I made?

What about the promise that said that our love story will never end?

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 3

The thundering clouds over my head made me realize that it was time to go home. It started to rain and I stood up and rubbed my pants cleaned, I was still waiting for you to show up.

You never came.

I walked back to my house silently, weeping along with the rain. Cry in rain, don’t tell the world.

What about the promise that our love story will never end?

Maybe this is how a heartbreak feels like. What would I do now? You will leave forever. I was not sad for you but for us. 

I wanted nothing more than keeping you just for myself, with myself like possession but of course, I couldn’t. 

“Hey? For how long are you going to sit there typing on your keyboard?” screamed my wife behind my chair. 

“Oh honey, I am just in between a very good piece right now” 

“You always are. Aren’t you? Come on just help me out a bit. This little monster of ours is not leaving my side. I have to cook.” 

“Okay, okay. just wait I’m coming.” I smiled shutting down my computer screen. 

I climbed down the stairs to find my child sitting quite peacefully with Jimmy. Caressing her head I noticed how much she has grown in these past months. Little babies grow so fast, I tell you. 

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 4

Years later, I was sitting on the same couch and my not so little girl is busy in her phone and internet. God knows how she puts it aside and is now looking directly at me with her twinkling eyes, those are from her mom. I love these eyes. 

“Dad you never told me how you proposed mom. She never tells me either”. 

So that was the reason behind that pleading look. I smiled at the memory of what she was asking and ran my mind through all those glances of my past. 

We were the second year in college and it was my birthday. Your mother always said she loved my birthdays more than her own so that was the only reason I was so happy to meet her that day. 

I was waiting in the park, near the trees with white flowers. Our favorite place to meet. I was calling her and then there she appeared wearing a grey hoodie with a pair of dark blue jeans, a basket in her arms.  

She kept walking to me until we were just a few inches apart and I could feel the rustling fabric covering the basket. 

“You came? ” she said amusingly. 

“Of course I did. It’s our tradition. Our thing. How could I not?” I said. 

She bloomed at my response and so did the thing in her basket,it was a puppy. 

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 5

She brought a puppy for me. 

“Hey! My god I can’t believe. Is this my birthday present?” it was getting harder to control myself from petting the dog already. 

“No.” with that my face fell. 

“It’s not your birthday present. It’s a token of affection from my side to you.” she smiled. 

My eyebrows shot up, I was confused. She put the basket on the ground with the puppy still sitting in it quietly. She stepped back a few centimetres and knelt down in front of me. 

“What are you doing? ” This was in my mind but I couldn’t say it. I was shocked. 

“I am just promising that our love story will never end.” she smiled hard. 

Is it really what I think it is? 

She held the puppy in her hands and showed it to me as if she’s on the pride rock and I’m her sky. The puppy acing his role of Simba. 

“I have been in love with you for years now. I can’t resist telling you this now. I asked you to marry me back then when we were attending my uncle’s wedding, you agreed. Now you have no choice.” she said 

Controlling hard to not smile. I continued to listen. 

“For me love is a human and that human is you. I can’t believe I haven’t said all this to you till now. Just accept this puppy as a token of my love and tell me you will marry me. You can’t say no. I am not allowing you.” 

And then? Did you say yes? Tell me dad! 

“Isn’t that your mom coming to me? Isn’t Jimmy still with us? What do you think I said, you silly girl?” I patted her head. 

“Oh dad you are so bad. Tell me what happened next. Please dad! ” and she was interrupted by the sweetest voice I’ve ever heard. 

” Joee, you have to tell her the part where you just felt so lucky that you cried out of love for me” Alisha taunted as always, with her dimples saying their greetings to my heart. 

That day I relived the love story of ours. I opened my computer to tell it how lovely I felt. How grateful I felt for her father’s transfer to cancel at the last moment. How lucky I felt to have her as my wife. 

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 6


Rolling to the other side of the bed, having you there sleeping peacefully with no fear or nervousness. Having the most beautiful girl all for myself, I can’t explain how grateful I am.

Our Love Story will Never End: A Promise 7

You are someone to cherish forever. I can write songs describing you and still there will be so much left in you to describe. I am selfish enough to not share you with anyone but I am not selfish enough to keep your beauty from everyone.

I write about our love, I write about you for people to read. For people to understand how pretty your brown eyes are, how light your touch is, like feathers. How you still feel nervous while ordering food for yourself and how your hand fills mine properly. 

Alisha, you can always be mine and that is what our love is about – togetherness. 

Even if someday we end, through any means of power, our love story will never end.

We all want someone like Alisha or Joseph in our lives, who will promise is that our love story will never end, I hope you all have someone like that in your lives.

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Everyone deserved to be loved. 

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