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Power of Love

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Love is the most beautiful feeling in the World, and all the creatures weather humans or animals need love. It determines the intensity with which one is attracted towards or away from another person. Love has the power to change, to accommodate the diversity, to tolerate the differences and to understand the World. The World would have been hard to live in without the emotions of love and care.

Love is the most important key to happiness:

stock-photo-76879483-flamingo-heart-loveYou are happy in your life because you know there is someone in some part of the World who loves you unconditionally. Your parents made all possible sacrifices to make you happy because they love you like no one else can. Love is the ultimate need of the World, the hunger for love is very strong all around the World and satisfaction of this hunger will lead to endless happiness.

Love feels us alive:

love-wallpaper-6Love is the inner feeling that keeps you content, makes you feel more lively; it makes you kind at heart, polite at words and generous at your actions. It teaches you the purpose of life and the correct way to lead an ideal life. Without love the World is dead, it is as horrible as a land of wars and hatred and the lives are in no way better than hell.


Love makes your life peaceful:

peaceWhen there is love all around then the World will turn be a very peaceful place to live in. Love and affection even bring in inner peace as we have little problems to look after and many people to help us solve them.


Nothing heels like Love:

healThere is no medicine better than love to heal someone. We all need love to feel we are here for a purpose, and our life is not only precious to us but to even those ho love us. Love stimulates the positive vibes in our body and mind which attracts more of positivity and heals all mental and physical problems.


Love feels you complete:

fingerYour loved ones are a part of your life and they are like your family on this planet. It creates beautiful relations that we all need in our life and makes us complete and content.


So love the people around you and feel the change in your life. Taste the magic of love and the power it has; it can help you win more battles than any other weapon.

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