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Narendra Modi: 7 Qualities That Make Him The Best Prime Minister

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Narendra Damodardas Modi, a well-known name in India who has taken the country’s progress to a new level with his positive leadership qualities. Modi worked as a savior of India, a country that was plundered by socialism and corruption.

7 best qualities of Narendra Modi

He is undeniably regarded as the “Bhai” of Indian politics. We have a list of 7 material qualities of NaMo which make him the best prime minister India ever had:

1. Public speaking skills 

Narendra Modi
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Loads of research are a prerequisite when you have to deliver a speech to many people who gather to hear and learn from you. This quality is well observed in our prime minister. Even his criticizers do not miss out on any of the speeches as it leaves them spellbound.

It is not because someone writes his speeches but because of his great oratory skills. “Refer to your Google guru. Get enrolled in a public speaking course; try YouTube, which also has similar programs,” he said in an interview on teachers’ day.

2. Discipline 

This is one thing that everyone should learn from him. Since he was a balswayamsevak in RSS until now, being the prime minister of India, Modi has never neglected his discipline regimen. Modi proves that he has no tolerance for laid-back attitude, and he wants all his cabinet ministers on toes for the progress of the country.

3. Love For Technology 

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Narendra Modi is a tech-savvy and is updated about all the minor and major issues prevailing at the national and international level. He is active on social media platforms and keeps us updated on his daily happenings and decisions through his Facebook posts and tweets. He is not a slave of technology but a lover of tech which makes him the most famous prime minister amongst the youth.

4. Leadership 

Narendra Modi’s journey from a chai wala at Gujarat to making his residence at 7, Race Course Road, defines a lot about his leadership qualities. He appreciates those who work hard by monitoring their performance on day to day basis. Modi sets an example for his ministers during times of uncertainty and provides reassurance to them.

5. Enthusiasm

At the age of 64, the passion and dedication of Narendra Modi are worth mentioning. He plays drums in Japan and answers questions in interviews with confidence and vigor. He has become a source of inspiration and motivation for his team members which draws the trust out of them and encourages them to work harder to achiev

Narendra Modi: 7 Qualities That Make Him The Best Prime Minister 1
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A man who leads the country must possess patience and not jump like a kid before making any decision. A full proof planning and homework are required to derive a conclusion. A good leader should not be overpowered by emotions or be impulsive or get angry at petty things. Narendra Modi is calm and composed and does not let the storms and crises affect him.

7. Determination

With a clear vision and focus, this chai wala was determined to achieve something commendable in life. His hard work and charismatic personality made his dreams come true. He has an exemplary character and is always committed to excellence.

A man who possesses such high qualities will surely take India to a new level and work wonders for the country.

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